Sunday, May 27, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge -Day 7

I really can't believe we've been at this a week already.  It seems the week just flew by.  I will have to say that today was not the best day for me.  There were a few things that I couldn't do in today's list so let's get started with the challenges.

Challenge 1:  Active Challenge:  The challenge was to get up and get moving during commercials while watching television.  Well, this is hard because we don't have regular television.  We have a TV and we have a DVD/VCR player for playing movies, but we do not have cable or satellite or anything like that.  We also do not watch a lot of movies.  Today our television never got turned on so I could not do this.  But of course, you do have the fact that I am a stay at home mom so I really am up and moving pretty much constantly.

Challenge 2:  Exercise Challenge-strength training:  Some exercises listed to do were the chest fly, dumbbell row, overhead press, hammer curls, tricep kickbacks, squats with dumbbells and lunges.    Now I did not do all of these, I didn't have time.  I did do the last 4 though!  Today was my shopping day so I was gone for half the day.  I go grocery shopping once a month so it's  abig dea.

Challenge 3:  Flexibility Challenge:  Today's flexibility part came with three stretches, shoulder rolls, back stretch, and  wide back and shoulder stretch.  I did manage to do all of the stretches.  Of course, it was right before going to bed, but they got done!!

Challenge 4:  Nutrition Challenge:  For Day 7 we were supposed to try a new veggie or fruit that we had never tried before.  I did not do this as I  did not see anything in the store that I wanted to purchase that I could fit into my budget.  I did however have a sample of a yummy chicken cranberry salad if that counts!!

Challenge 5:  Mind and Body Challenge:  For this challenge we were supposed to list five things accomplished today and 5 things that we wanted to accomplish for the next day.  I got my grocery shopping done(no small feat), got all the kids bathed, fixed up some salads to take to a friends for supper, did laundry, and tidied up the kitchen.  Tomorrow's list(for today now) consisted of building fence.  That's about the only thing on the todo list besides the normal of getting kids up, dressed, fed, etc.

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