Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To Dream Anew -Review

To Dream Anew, Heirs of Montana Series #3     -     
        By: Tracie Peterson

To Dream Anew by Tracie Peterson Book 3 in the Heirs of Montana Series

Description (CBD):  Though the Diamond V ranch is flourishing and their own family growing, Dianne and Cole Selby find their hard-earned success threatened as a band of Indians on the warpath inch closer to the valley they call home. When a new family settles in the area with ambitions to establish an empire in Montana, it quickly becomes apparent that they will stop at nothing to uproot Dianne's family from the land they've nourished and come to love.

My Views:  Talk about an action packed book.  This one has the most twists and turns of the series.  As the new family tried to take over the valley, Dianne and Cole deal with struggles of their own.  With Indians running around ready to attack and Dianne's brother out with the army, many things remain uncertain. Pin It Now!

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