Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Like a Watered Garden -Review

Like a Watered Garden: A Novel (Garden Gates)

Like a Watered Garden by Patti Hill, book #1 in the Garden Gates series

Description (Amazon): Mibby Garrett walks through grief as if feeling her way through an unfamiliar room on a moonless night. She's been unable to get her life back on track after losing her husband in a bicycle accident. Owner and operator of Perennially Yours Garden Design and mother to twelve-year-old Ky, Mibby struggles to keep her "boat tied to the dock" as she avoids reminders of her husband and their former life. A new garden design project, the puzzling case of dying rosebushes, and a mysterious young stranger bring Mibby out of her fog. Has God answered her prayers in the most unexpected way?

My Views:  I wasn't so sure about this book.  It started off slow.  It was about a grieving widow and her son.  But by the end I was in love with the characters and knew that I would read the other two books in the series.  I love the Southern neighbor Louise and all her loving advice and speeches.  I came to understand Andrea(but I wont spoil who she is) and Ky made me realize what I have in my future of raising boys.  Heaven help us! Pin It Now!

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