Saturday, May 26, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge -Day 6

Day 6 went by quickly for me.  We had a nicer bit of weather but still no rain.  I had to run my littlest to a new chiropractor and all the others had to come too.  That is exercise in and of itself.  Keeping 8 kids going where they should be.  We also went to Hy-Vee(yes I was asking for punishment)!

Challenge 1:  active challenge:  stand whenever possible.  They wanted us to not sit for longer than 5 minutes.  I can honestly say the only time I sat for over that was when I was driving and it's a 45 minute drive each way so  I sat for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes. . . . plus sometime for eating with the kids, etc.  But as a mommy sitting really isn't in the vocabulary.

Challenge 2:  exercise challenge:  30 minutes of light to medium cardio.  I think that my shopping trip in Hy-Vee should qualify for this.  But if not, we also did run around the yard doing a game of monster(mommy is the monster) so that will give you my exercise.

Challenge 3:  flexibility challenge:  To perform 5 stretches once or twice during the day.  I started my morning out with stretches and ended the day with them too.  The five they had us do were standing cat stretch, calf stretch, torso stretch, back stretch from chair, and neck stretch.

Challenge 4:  Nutrition Challenge Breakfast:  Umm well uh, yesterday was not such a good breakfast day.  I had a Larabar for breakfast.  We had to leave  by 8 for the chiropractor and with running kids around to get them up and going I just didn't remember to feed myself breakfast!!  Normally we do better.  Cereal is only eaten by the kids 2 times a week, pancakes are normally 2, eggs 2, and then either waffles or something else the last day.  Oatmeal tends to be our cereal when it is cold out.

Challenge 5:  Mind and Body Challenge:  1 minute meditation which was supposed to be you picturing yourself somewhere that you have always wanted to go.  For me I would love to go to Ireland and find where my family used to live.  I didn't meditate on this, but I did allow myself to think about such a trip.

And that was my day!  Tomorrow's post may not be so good as today is my shopping day which means half the day will be spent with me in the city(hahaha) getting all our groceries for the month.

Make sure you run over to Kandi's page at Gluten Free For Jen and see what she did for Day 6.  I will say I'm jealous, they got rain!!  We need rain so badly! Pin It Now!

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