Friday, November 9, 2012

Chebe Bread Contest

I have submitted two of my recipes into the Chebe Bread contest!  You can go HERE to vote for my Veggie Pizza or Peach Tarts.  They can be found by those names and as submitted by Erin S with the cutest picture of my little Fionna as well.  You can find my recipes linked up below as well.  I would appreciate any and all votes!  Thanks so much.

My Veggie Pizza recipe is currently in the 5th place spot and I would love to keep it in the top five so if you haven't voted I'd love for you too!  Thanks so much!

Makes me wish I had some Chebe mixes now to make more of my Veggie Pizza!  It was so good!  The grand prize is a 5 year supply of Chebe Mixes!  I could surely use those.

Veggie Pizza
Peach Tarts Pin It Now!


  1. Yummy sounding recipes Erin, especially the peach tarts! Good luck! I'm off to vote. :-)

  2. Sounds really good. Veggie pizza is making me hungry.