Monday, November 26, 2012

Sutler's Beans, an 1800's recipe

I want to share a great recipe with you.  It's especially wonderful because you can use dried beans for it and that means you save money.  Oh and it freezes really well.  I love to make up a huge stock pot of these beans and freeze them in batches(normally in half gallon or gallon jars) for use when I'm in a hurry or don't feel like cooking.  I will be doing quite a few freezer meals in the coming months as we prepare to welcome a new baby into our home.

Now on to the recipe!

one bag(16 oz) kidney beans(cook them up according to the bag)
one bag(16 oz) red beans(cooked up according to the bag)
one bag(16 oz) of butter beans(cooked up according to the bag)
one lb hamburger(or turkey burger or deer or lamb, etc) browned and seasoned--I use garlic, onion, and a few herbs
one lb sausage browned( you can sub with any other similar meat or use two of the above)
one lb bacon cooked and chopped into bits or bite size pieces
one batch barbecue sauce or one 16 oz bottle
one cup demerara sugar(or brown sugar)

Mix all ingredients together in a large stock pot.  You can immediately put them in jars to freeze(note-plastic gallon bags work too, but I don't recommend plastic at all) or just cook it all up to serve to a large gathering.

This jar is going into the refrigerator for a quick lunch this week!

Closer up to show the beans and meat.
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