Friday, November 23, 2012

Men's Multi Groomer Review -The Pitch List

My husband grows a beard for the deer hunting/winter reenacting season to help keep himself warmer.  Truth be told, I really don't like him with a beard and am always glad when the time comes to shave it off!  Of course, it also normally involves using multiple razors or razor heads after using scissors because it gets so  long and rough.

The Philips Norelco Multigroomer works wonders on shaving off beards.  It lets you trim them up to several different lengths before getting that close shave that makes me happy!  It is also simple enough and gentle enough that it could be used to cut children's hair.  We didn't do this, but with all the attachments it is definitely possible.

This great little gadget features many things in one!  You get:
a mini shaver to do the finishing touches on your beard
nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmer
easy cleaning, washable attachments
long lasting lithium ion battery
41mm hair clipper
personal 21mm trimmer
9 different length settings so you can get the perfect length
50 minutes of use
nice storage pouch
blades never need oiling!!!
sharp cutting edges
rounded trimmer tips to help prevent hurting that delicate skin(that hasn't seen the sun in ages)
2 year worldwide guarantee(what's not to love about that!)

Starting November 19 and continuing through December 17, Philips Norelco will give away to their twitter followers the chance to upgrade their shaving experience.  They will be giving away one PowerTouch with Aquatec every day!!  How wonderful is that!  They will also be giving away a weekly $1000 prize and SensoTouch 3D grand prize.  Sounds like they really want their twitter followers to have a very Merry Christmas!  You can find out all the details, rules, and prizes by going to their twitter page @ShaveExperts.  Don't forget to follow while you're there!

They are also offering up a $20 coupon for anyone wishing to claim it.  You can go HERE to claim your coupon.  This will make purchasing holiday gifts so much easier!

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