Friday, February 24, 2012

What a Day

Today was one of those days where you want to crawl back under the covers and start over.  Whew.  It's over now though and tomorrow is a new day full of new exciting adventures.

I had to take my youngest to the doctor this morning as she woke up with a 101 degree temp.  I thought she must have gotten an ear infection, but instead she has strep throat.  This is the first time any of my little ones has gotten strep.  I'm not sure where we came in contact with it.  Must have been church because we really haven't gone very many places lately and it would not have been from the hospital already.  Poor baby though is not feeling well.  She took 3 naps today and it's normally like pulling teeth to get her to take one!

I got home with her and found out that three of the other kids were complaining of headaches/stomach pains/ sore throats.  So, figured I should take the to the Dr as well, but by the time I got to the walk in clinic they were closed(I was told they stayed open until 6 but guess not today).  The fun part was I got to drive through a blizzard to get to the doctor's office and on the way back.  Wow was that some snow.  I couldn't see more than 15 feet in front of me when it was a good view.  Very glad to have made it home safe.  I had to laugh though because the radio weather, while I was driving through the snow storm, said it was 46 degrees out and only a 20 percent chance of rain or snow.  Think they missed on this one.

So, now I have to run the kids up to the Dr for their half day Saturday clinic.  I'm beginning to wonder if the migraine I've had since Wednesday is more than a normal migraine.  My throat has been sore as well but I chalked that up to my normal sinus issues with not taking my allergy medicine while we were at the hospital.  My husband also thinks he's coming down with something.  This could be an interesting weekend. 

Big positive is that I had a baby goat born this evening.  Little buck kid.  Both he and mommy are doing great so what more could I ask for?!  We had twin ewe lambs born yesterday as well.  Unfortunately, the mommy decided that only one of them was hers so we are having to bottle feed one. 

Here is hoping for a good weekend for us and kids that start to feel better soon.  On a positive note, my aunt agreed to pick up Patrick's teddy that he accidently left at the hospital so that should come tomorrow and make him feel better.  Today his brother fell and smacked his incision site which caused a good deal of pain, but all in all he's doing wonderfully.  He only took his medicine once today before going to bed.  I'm super proud of that "little man".  "Little man" is a nickname that several of his favorite people call him and he really seems to like it!

Two of my little loves, Patrick and Fionna.
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