Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seed Order!

Cover art on Baker Creeks catalog features the WM121 that I love!  Sun, moon, and Stars!  A must try if you never have!

Ok so I placed my order for my garden seeds the other day!  So excited and can't wait for my seeds to get here.  Oh and for the weather to keep this warm front up so I can plant my garden!  I love to garden.   I love pulling weeds and working with the soil in my hands(yeap soil, not dirt-my daddy is a horticulturist, lol).  So I decided I'd share with you all what seeds I ordered and when the time comes to plant them I'll show you my garden spots!

You will notice a lot of these are native to Missouri and several date back to the Civil War!  For me the older and pure my garden the better! 

My order

Mary Washington Asparagus(AS101)
Broad Windsor Fava Bean(FB101)
Contender(Buff) Valentine Bush Bean(BN102)
Saint-Esprit a Oeil Rouge Bush Bean(BN135)
Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli(BR101)
Purple of Sicily Cauliflower(CA103)
Atomic Red Carrot(CR109)
St. Valery Carrot(CR101)
Cour Di Bue Cabbage(CB108)
Tendercrisp Celery(CE101)
Country Gentleman Sweet Corn(CN105)
Rainbow Sweet Inca Corn(CN135)
Wade's Giant Indian Flint Corn(CN141)
Delikatesse Cucumber(CU109)
Parisian Pickling Cucumber(CU106-C)
Millet, German Foxtail(GS107)
Quinoa, Brightest Brilliant(GS112)
European Mesclun Mix(SB101)
Rocky Top Lettuce Mix(SB103)
Boule d'Or Melon(ML106)
Missouri Gold Melon(AML150)
Orlinabel Melon(ML121)
Burmese Okra(OK111)
Gold Coast Okra(OK136)
Crimson Forest Bunching Onion(ON110)
Flat of Italy Onion(ON104)
Alaska Garden Pea(GP101)
Little Marvel Garden Pea(GP102-F)
Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea(SN105)
Sugar Snap Pea(SN106)
California Wonder Pepper(PP106)
Corno di Toro Giallo Pepper(PP112)
German Giant Radish(RD116)
Long Scarlet Radish(RD107)
White Icicle(RD123)
Mennonite Sorghum(SR104)
New Zealand Spinach(SP102)
Costata Romanesco(SSQ122)
Green Bush Vegetable Marrow(SSQ124)
Zucchino Rampicante(Zucca D'Albenga)(SSQ103)
Bush Buttercup(SQ168)
Connecticut Field Pumpkin(SQ129)
Turner Family Pumpkin(SQ230)
Upper Ground Sweet Potato Squash(SQ226)
Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin(SQ167)
Missouri Pink Love Apple(TK128)
Black Cherry Tomato(TP106)
Costoluto Genovese Tomato(TM210)
Jersey Giant Tomato(TM192)
Riesentraube Tomato(TM132)
Black Diamond Yellow-Belly Strain Watermelon(WM111)
Moon and Stars(WM121)
Tom Watson Watermelon(WM104)
Will's Sugar(WM157)
Soldier Bush Bean(BN129)
Laxton's Progress No. 9 Garden Pea(GP105)
Pink German Tree Tomato(TK137)
Long Milky Way-Moon and Stars(WM153)
Dill Bouquet(HB126)
Echinacea Purpurea(HB119)
Cilantro, Slo-bolt(HB143)
Toothache Plant(HB160)
Rue, Herb O'Grace(HB191)
Bee Balm Lemon(HB124)
Chia-Crown Jewels(HB182)
Lemon Balm(HB117)
Gaillardia Indian Blanket-Wildflower(WF111)
Plains Coreopsis-Wildflower(WF104)(SQ226) Pin It Now!

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  1. Even though this was posted early this anticipation of the upcoming spring planting, I found this post very interesting.