Saturday, February 11, 2012

A highlight of my Day

A highlight of my day today was as I was about to go outside to bottle feed our baby goat.  Fionna was very very tired and had reached her "slap happy" stage.  She giggles profusely at this point.  Daddy came in for a bit from working outside and Fionna was carrying around a bucket.  He asked her if it was her hat.  So, she proceeded to go to daddy and put the bucket on his head.  She then sat on the floor looking at him and laughing for about 15 minutes.  It was so cute and so sweet.  Daddy actually managed to get her down for a nap while I was outside!  Yeah for Daddy!

Another cute moment of the day was also by this little stinker.  I had pulled a drawer out of our refrigerator to use up the fruit today before it went bad.  I had taken all the apples out and cut them up, leaving about 6 grapefruit in the drawer.  She decided to climb into the drawer and sit between the grapefruit and bounce around.  It was extremely cute. 

Well, I'm off for a bit.  I've got 2 cakes in the oven baking and am making some spaghetti with meatsauce for supper.  Got me some sit down time during the cake baking and decided to put a few posts on I'd been working on.  The poor Valentine cookie post had been sitting in my drafts for almost a full week! Pin It Now!

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