Thursday, February 9, 2012

My week

This week seems to be taking a long time to get done.  It's one of those weeks where you think enough is enough it's going to get better right?  Ok, so it's not that bad, but not the best week I've had in a while.

But the weekend is almost here!  Yeah can't wait until the weekend because that means no school(yes even homeschool families need those blessed two days off), and time to do those things that I never seem to find time for on weekdays.  Oh and Daddy is normally home at least on Sunday which is nice!

This weekend I hope to catch up on posting some recipes.  I have a whole folder full that I've started and havent' had a chance to finish typing up.  I'll show you how to use that apple pie filling that I made, we made an apple pie and then little apple pielets(tarts) for the kids.  We've made some yummy almond flour valentines' heart cookies.  And oh so many others! 

This week has been fun with all the yummy things we've made and it's been a good week for school.  The kids have been doing their lessons well without a bunch of complaining or dawdling(I have one who likes to watch everyone else instead of doing her work).  School this week has been a success and only one more day until a short break!

It's the family this week that hasn't gone so well.  We've had more bumps and bruises than normal and an extra Dr visit or two thrown in.  And that brings us to the next part.  We have two little ones who are going to have to see specialists for some problems in the next month that could use prayers.  I also get an added task of keeping a food journal for one of the children to see if we can pinpoint any other allergies that she might have.  And I'm taking one of the babies to get her eyes tested tomorrow.  She either has poor vision or she's really really clumsy. . .  I'm hoping for poor vision as we can fix that!

Some fun moments of this day were at bedtime.  We like to read and play for a while before bed.  My husband and I try to put the kids to bed between 7 and 7:30 so that they're asleep by 8-8:30.  Well tonight my husband didn't get home from work until 7:30 so it was just mommy getting them ready for bed.  So we went through our routines and I got them all jammied and read our bedtime books.  Then we played while we waited for Daddy to come home.  At one point I went to check on the supper I was keeping warm for him and came back to find that my son had put his Bob the Builder hat on his sister.  She wasn't to thrilled with it.
I know not the best picture and please dont' mind the socks and stuffed animals on the floor, lol, the big kids were cleaning up their mess.  So sweet girl is taking her hat off when big brother decides he needs to ham it up, after all he is the cause of her getting her picture taken.
Yeap I have hams for kids.  And I love them.   And everything I do is because of them and for them.  Even those occassional mommy time days are to make me a better mommy by giving me time to recoop and breathe so that I have more patience to deal with all their little fun things. . . like playing in the dog water or the toilet. .. Yeap the babies have discovered both places recently. Pin It Now!

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