Friday, February 3, 2012


It is cold outside.  It is raining and cold.  We're getting pretty much torrential downpours of rain right now.  It's running off things and creating lakes and rivers.  It's been so long since we've had any rain I wish it would slow down so the ground could soak it in.  I like rain normally, and I love thunderstorms(which we've been having).  What I don't like is having to go outside in said rain and thunder.  And I'm having to go outside today.  The poor baby goat needs fed every 2-4 hours.  The goats in the picture are my most recent set of twins!  They are so cute.  Mommy is a first timer and she's doing great.  In fact, she has somewhat adopted my other little goat.  She lets him snack on her occassionally and cleans him up.  Now if she'd totally take over his care I could stay inside all nice and snuggly warm. . . .or not, lol. 

But today we have lots to get done.  There's school this am and then this afternoon we have to bake up a bunch of cupcakes and clean the house for Bridgett's birthday party tomorrow.  She is so excited and can't wait to see all her friends!  Hoping the snow that is supposed to start coming tonight waits until after her party so all her friends can come.

Anyone else have great plans for this weekend?  I've heard some rumors about a big football game, but since I'm not a fan and we don't have tv(ok so we have a television and a vcr but that's it, if it's not on a movie we can't watch it) so we don't follow that sort of stuff.

But it's 8 am now and that's the start of our school day so I'm off!  I started a devotional post for today but probably won't get it posted until later.  Same with some more recipes!  Stay tuned!
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