Thursday, February 16, 2012

Totally unrelated ramblings!

Does anyone else have a huge list of recipes they want to try and find it hard to squirrel away the time to try them?  I have a huge list of recipes that I want to try!  I am going to make it a point to try one new recipe a week that I have found online through some of the recipe link ups I participate in.  Now to decide which one I want to do first! 

On to a different ramble. . . . My entire morning was spent making phone calls.  I had to talk to several people with our Dr's office trying to find out why the two kids who are supposed to see specialists still don't have those appointments(they were supposed to call me with the appointments last week), trying to find out when we can pick up Zyera's new glasses, and with the bank.  The bank took the longest.  That's  not a good thing. . . not ever in my knowledge.  It was definitely not good today.  I was reviewing my online bank statement and saw that this month there was an unknown charge that neither my husband or I made, not just one though, 5 of them.  So I call the bank.  We figure out that this is some scam company taking money out of our account, but no idea how they have gotten our bank information.  So we're preparing to close out that account and start a new one once we get all our checks cleared.  Very frustrating.  Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Good news though!  The weather is going to be super gorgeous for the next week and I think I may see another trip to the zoo in my kids future.  We have a wonderful zoo about two hours from us that we like to go to.  It's the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE.  Very awesome zoo.  I can't compare it to other zoos though as it is the only one I've ever been to.  I remember lots of fun trips there when I was a child and have made it a goal for our little homeschool to go once a month if the weather allows.  So far we went once in December, January and now this will be February if we make it!  Can't wait!  I love watching my kids as they discover new things about the animals.

That being said, my kids spent most of the afternoon outside playing in the sunshine.  I think it helped as Fionna actually went to bed before 9 tonight which she does not often do. 
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