Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Playing Catch up

This week has been so busy for us.  Well the weekend too.  On Friday our youngest went to the Dr and was diagnosed with strep throat.  On Saturday I took the rest of the kids and we have 5 with strep throat(three also have ear infections), 1 sinus infection, 1 ear infection with an ear canal infection, and one who amazingly is not sick yet(this is our just had surgery boy).  That makes for 7 kids on antibiotics which is fun.  Thankfully they are starting to feel better.

I also had to catch up on laundry and dishes from when we were gone in the hospital with our son.  It's amazing how things pile up when you're not here.  I had never really been away from home before as I either always have the kids with me or am only gone for a few hours without them.  I actually had never been away from the kids for that long before. Before this hospital stay with Patrick, I had never spent the night away from Colin or Fionna.  I had left the older ones with my parents once when Sean and I went to a national reenactment together while I was pregnant with Colin. 

I think I am now caught up with dishes and laundry.  Now I have to start catching up on the cleaning.  I don't think I realized just how much I do in daily maintenance around the house until it went a few days without getting done.  I really do do a lot around here!

Today was a fun day for us.  We did our school and thankfully there weren't too many problems with that amonst the kids.  They were very stircrazy and wanted to play outside.  With them all being sick and it raining outside I decided that probably wasn't a good idea.  So after lunch we loaded up in the van and went for a drive through our local wildlife refuge.  The kids love driving through and seeing all of the birds.  I am not a bird person and can't tell you more than the very basics.  IE we saw some ducks, geese, and a few cardinals today!  We also saw a really neat hawk that I'm going to have to look up and see what he was.  He kept flying next to the van so the kids got a great view! 

I left the kids with my mom for a bit after our wildlife adventure so I could go help Daddy finish up an electrical job.  I am getting good at fixing up outlets. . . ok so maybe not but I can at least put the covers on straight!  Then off to pickup the kids and come home.  Kids are all now sleeping in their beds and I'm having a rest before tackling the rest of the dishes and programming the coffeepot.

Almost forgot!  The best part of the week so far was that Zyera got her glasses on Monday.  She looks so cute in them and you can tell that she likes being able to see.  The first day with them she spent a half an hour just looking at her fingers as she moved them around.  It was so adorable.  She also only dropped three baked beans that night at supper which is a record because normally that's all she keeps on the spoon to get to her mouth!  Here's a peak at the cutie with the glasses.

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