Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Gluten Free Giveaways

Simply Gluten Free has several new giveaways open for the month of February.  You can view all of the giveaways by clicking here, or I am going to list the ones that I entered,

Justin's Giveaway yummy nut butters(dark chocolate almond is amazing)
Kindle Fire  I would love to have one of these, but its not a necessity so my only chance is winning one!
Kinnikinnick $100 of great product.  I can say that we personally have eaten some of this brand and love it
Chebe giveaway.  Another great brand that we love!
Wholesome Sweeteners Giveaway  I love to bake with raw organic honey, but agave nectar is good too.

Quick disclosure.  I am not in anyway responsibly for these giveaways or choosing the winners.  I am merely another person entering these great giveaways trying to share them with you all. Pin It Now!


  1. Hi there, great blog! I just sent it to a friend who is always looking for gluten free recipes! I'm here from the Diva blog hop! I just followed you all over!

  2. Thanks Kim! Hope they enjoy my blog and you too. I'm following you now as well.