Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Day in Paradise

As I was on my way home from taking Zyera to the eye doctor today I heard the song "Just another day in Paradise" by Phil Vasser.

It made me think and smile.  This is my life!  The days are far from perfect and things never seem to go as planned, but our life is wonderful and I wouldn't change it for the world.  I treasure each day with my monkeys and I do truly thank God for letting me have each and every day with them.

Today was a topsy turvy kind of day for us.  We started school late because the kids decided to get every book off their shelf and I made them put them away before we started school.  They did well in school.  While I was fixing lunch(scrambled eggs with chopped sausage and cheese) it seems that a few of the young ones got all the cloth diapers out of their drawers and spread them around the bathroom.  So while the kids ate I got those cleaned up.  Then it was time to get ready to take Zyera to the eye doctor.

I had decided to take her to the eye doctor because she kept falling down and would never put her hands out to catch herself(she uses her head to catch herself).  This was how her older half sister would do before we got her glasses at age 2.  Zyera is 19 months and we should pick up her new glasses next week and I will show off pictures because she looks so totally cute in them!  Anyway, we went to the eye doctor and she did so well.  She just cuddled with me the whole time and was such a sweetie.  We tried on different glasses and settled on a pair but when the assistant went to take them off  so that we could have lenses ordered and placed in them the tragedy happened.  Zyera had a full all out temper fit.  Bottom lip all out, tears and everything.  It was actually really cute.  Even without the right prescription she wanted to keep wearing those glasses!  So we gave her a balloon and everything was right in the world again.

Until we got to the van.  It was then that I discovered I had somehow locked my keys in the van(they were sitting in Fionna's carseat laughing at me).  So back into the eye clinic we went.  I asked for a number for a locksmith, I was going to call and just have someone come unlock it for me, but several of the employees decided they'd try to unlock it first.  After about 5 different people had tried to unlock it with no luck, we finally called the professionals.  Within a few seconds of them arriving it was unlocked and we were on our way home.

All in all it was a good day! Pin It Now!

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