Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yohay Fudge Review -Gluten Free

I recently go to try out a newly certified gluten free fudge set from Yohay.  They have a set of six fudges that have gone through the process to be certified gluten free.  And let me just say, they are very yummy!

Check out this assortment!

apple pie

maple walnut

chocolate peanut butter swirl

Coffee flavored.

cherry vanilla

chocolate sea salt
I am in love!  I really am.  I have always loved fudge but hated taking all the time involved to make it.  And of course I never did get into making a lot of variety. Now I can get variety and gluten free at that!  Yohay fudge has a 6 pack sampler that have all been certified gluten free.  You get the apple pie, cherry vanilla, chocolate sea salt, coffee, maple walnut, and chocolate peanut butter swirl.

My absolute favorite is the chocolate peanut butter swirl.  I love chocolate and I love peanut butter!  This was to die for melt in your mouth goodness.  No I did NOT share!  Not at all.  My husband is not a peanut butter fan and I kept it hidden from the kiddos!

Next came the chocolate sea salt which was shared with the whole family.  We all loved it.  The kids approved of it and were sad when it was gone.

We all enjoyed the apple pie, maple walnut and cherry vanilla, though my husband did try to hide the cherry vanilla as he LOVES cherries.  The kids were too quick for him though and knew where he put it!  The maple walnut tastes like real maple syrup(you know the old fashioned kind that people used to use on pancakes) and is super yummy.  The apple pie, well it tastes like grandma's apple pie.  I think this was my children's favorite one by far.  They really did not want to share with the rest of us.

The last flavor was the coffee.  Due to it being coffee I wasn't sharing with the children.  I don't think they need a caffeine boost quite that much.  My husband does not like anything coffee flavored so he didn't want to try it either.  I, however, did not have a problem with coffee flavoring and loved it!  I shared with a few friends who came over for fellowship and they loved it as well.  They do not have to be gluten free but of course did not know the difference!

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  1. Ooooh...chocolate peanut butter. That sounds delicious!

  2. I have never tasted GF fudge. It sounds delicious. I like all flavors!