Sunday, December 2, 2012

An Ordinary Housewife with an Extraordinary God

at dusk
our trees at sunset one evening

Do you ever feel like you don't stand out in a crowd?  Like you're just the non descript, wall flower at the dance?  Ever feel like what you're doing doesn't matter?

I think all moms or wives or probably just women in general feel this way at some time.  I know I have.  I occasionally get down and wonder if what I do really makes a difference.  What if I didn't do laundry for a few days?  What if I didn't do the dishes?  Would our house really fall apart if I took a few days off?  (are you nodding your heads yet)?

Well guess what?!  Each and every last one of us does matter!  We were created in the image of God.  Who wants to call God a wall flower?  Who wants to say that God is not important?  Certainly not me!

Our God is extraordinary.  If we have an extraordinary God, can we really be only ordinary or only a housewife(what's only about all we do!)?  I don't think so.  I think by nature of us being Women of God and also children of God that we are no longer ordinary but extraordinary too!

We don't sing "our God in an ordinary God" now do we?!  No we don't!  Our God truly is awesome and that makes us awesome as well!  

Look at the two pictures I have put into this post.  Can you see anything ordinary about those sunsets?  They look extraordinary to me!  I thought it was beautiful and amazing.  If God can do that then I think with God we can do anything!
Sunset 2

So gorgeous! Definitely extraordinary!
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  1. That was very beautiful what you wrote! I know I have certainly felt what you described on several occasions. I've wondered if it's depression, menopause or who knows what, but you are so right! Each and every one of us is important :) Thank you!

  2. wow, such an awesome post. I will really think and remember your words. "Our God is an awesome God who reigns from Heaven above"

    myfreebi3s at yahoo dot com

  3. Great reminders! Reminds me of the song that says "He makes everything glorious. So what does that make me?"

    Glorious. He makes us glorious. :)

  4. So beautiful! :) A great reminder for a long day! :) Thank you for sharing and linking up at Simply Helping Him! Blessings!