Monday, December 17, 2012

Hanukkah and our Makeshift Menorah

Since we've begun celebrating Hanukkah with our family(my husbands family has celebrated it for years now) I realized how horribly hard it is to find a Menorah in a rural setting.  I tried so many stores and most people had no idea what I was even talking about!

So, I got resourceful and made our own makeshift Menorah   Okay, yes it is not even really close to a real Menorah except for the fact of how many candles I used, but it worked for us!

I bought nine of the pretty crystal candle holders at the store.  They said they were for tea lights or votive  but they worked really well for our taper candles.  I also picked up 8 Berry scented taper candles(a rich maroon color) plus a package of 4 unscented green tall tapers to use as our center lighting candle.  It was a very pleasing to the eye and to the nose(it smelled good).

Tada!  Our makeshift Menorah.
We set the Menorah up on top of our piano in the living room so it would be a center or central part of our daily lives.  The kids loved the lighting of the candles and seemed to really enjoy our scripture readings and learning about Hanukkah and the Menorah.

Looked so pretty before we burned them all down.
Some other fun things to do for Hanukkah:
gluten free potato latkes
traditional Hanukkah donuts
dreidel games
read the stories of Hanukkah and the Menorah

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