Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Upcoming Giveaway Events!

As you may have noticed on my side bar I have upcoming giveaway events.  I am going to share now what some of the sponsors are that I have lined up for these giveaways!  I'm so excited for this and hope you are too!

Earth Day Birthday BashJenulence- all natural small family owned cosmetic company will be giving away a makeup kit!  I've seen the description and received my products to review today so keep an eye out!

Avoiding April ShowersChild Training Bible- Have young kids and want to train them up in the way of the Lord?  This giveaway is for you!  I received my kit in the mail yesterday and can't wait to get my Bible all set up and start using it.  Look for my review coming soon and watch for this giveaway.  I will be providing the Bible to go with the kit so all you'll need to buy are the highlighters and flags!

Made in AmericaBeanfields Snacks has been gracious enough to consent to giving away a half case of their chips for this giveaway!  I got the news tonight and am so excited!!  Gluten free, MSG and GMO free!  They have to be good.

I still have a couple other giveaways that I haven't found sponsors for yet, but I'm working on them!  I'm also working on getting a few sponsors to do a 2000 fan facebook giveaway!  Keep your eyes peeled!  My combination 1000 and 1500 fan appreciation giveaway will be going live this week as well!

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  1. Thanks for joining the giveaway. I need to check out the makeup kit.

  2. I love Beanfields! I love how open they are with consumers. Ill keep watch for that one!

  3. You have some nice prizes coming up! :)