Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fionna's Funnies

Fionna helping to wash the table in her nightgown after breakfast

As I remember some things that Fionna did today(and start giggling at them) I realized it's been a while since I've shared what's going on in my life so thought I'd take a few minutes to do just that!

First off, I cloth diaper.  Not sure if everyone knows that, but I do.  Today I had to put Fionna in her velcro ones because I was washing her snaps.  Well, I don't like the velcro ones.  Here is the main reason.  I put Fionna down for her nap and as normal about half an hour later I hear her pitter patter coming out after she wakes up.  I turn from washing dishes and she's grinning ear to ear as she holds her diaper up for me to put back on her!!  Oh yes, she's quite the girl.  At least she woke up dry and not with a soiled diaper to hand to me. . . .

Another thing about Fionna that maks me laugh everytime is our nursing time.  I'm still breastfeeding her(she's 17 months now) and she has settled into a routine.  When she decided she needs to nurse(I nurse on demand, always have) she will go get a book(yes a book!), come up to me and either say num num or nurse, which sounds more like urse.  Then I'll pick her up and let her nurse.  While nursing she will read her book.  If I try to take the book away she will get mad and stop nursing until I give her back her book.  I personally think this is adorable until she accidentally beams me with the book. . . .

Now onto a few other things that have been going on.  I took all 8 of the little monsters to the dentist on Tuesday.  They really were all well behaved and good.  I was shocked at how well they did.  Bridgett, Audry, Mariah, Lucas and Colin all got their teeth cleaned.  The babies were too young still and Patrick is seeing the specialist for his tooth on Monday.  Everyone checked out fine except Audry.  She has a few cavities that will need filled.  Bridgett is all full of questions about braces because it was decided she will probably need them in the future.  Colin is happy because the dentist kept raving about his pretty teeth, he actually said they were some of the prettiest teeth he's ever seen. 

But, I should think about getting ready for bed.  Tomorrow is the day for my UNFI coop and I'm going to have to take all 8 of the little ones with me because we won't have a babysitter.  My kids actually normal behave themselves when I have to do this, but it does drain my energy because I'm constantly watching and counting making sure one doesn't wander away.  Pin It Now!


  1. Your post really had me laughing! My 19 month old doesn't mess with his diapers much, thankfully, but there was one day after nap that I walked in on a bare bottomed baby! :)

  2. Hearing about the diapering makes me remember that I am so happy that those days are behind me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am hysterical!! My 12 month old manages to get off his diapers- it is crazy!! I love her picture where she is "helping" to wash the table. Thank you for linking up and your great laughs:) I hope to see you again on your laughs! Have a great weekend!