Sunday, April 15, 2012

K5 Learning Review

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I recently had the chance to allow my children to use the K5 Learning Program.  They loved getting to use the computer as this is not something that we let them do normally. 

K5 Learning is an online after-school study program for children in kindergarten to grade 5. The focus is on building "reading, math and study skills to last a lifetime". There are over 3,000 interactive tutorials and activities for your child to work on at their own pace, and thanks to assessment tests, they can work at their specific level. 

To start off the program the kids have to take a placement test to decide what levels they should be in.  I was pleasantly surprised at where my kids ended up.  Both of the ones who used the program are in a kindergarten curriculum, but both were placed on the 1st grade learning level.  I am giggling while I type this as the two are snuggled together in a chair right now helping each other read a book.  This is truly a part of homeschooling that I love, watching them learn!

Ok, so after they are placed in a grade, they are allowed to work worksheets/quizzes.  My kids had trouble with the timed aspect, so we had to shut that off.  As I said, they are not used to keyboards or computers as they really have never used a computer before.  While I was waiting to hear how to shut off the timers, I would have the kids read the problem and tell me the answer and then I would put the answer in for them just because they really wanted to do the work.  My kids loved the math.  They were okay with the reading, but were definitely more excited to get to use the math portion of the program.  This came as no surprise to me though I was a bit shocked(happily) when my son was working a whole grade level above where he started out in the math.

You can check out the K5 Facebook Page and like them to stay up to date in what they're doing.  If you are interested in letting your kids have additional work and help in reading and math, I recommend that you try out the free trial with K5.  It is a 14 day free trial where you can have your kids do the work and see how they like it.  I was given a longer trial in exchange for this review, but the opinions that I have expressed are all mine and my children's. 

If you would like to try K5 Learning with your children follow this link gets you a free trial of K5. No credit card info is required-it really is free for the trial. That may be the best way to see if K5 is right for you. The monthly fee is $25/month ($199/year) for your first child and $15/month ($129/year) for each additional child, so it is a financial commitment you want to be sure will benefit your child.  My kids loved it and I think it would make a great homeschool helper.
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