Friday, April 20, 2012

A Baby For Easter -Review

A Baby by Easter  -     
        By: Lois Richer

A Baby By Easter by Lois Richer

Description (Amazon):  After learning her marriage is a hoax, twenty-one-year-old Susannah Wells and her unborn baby have nowhere to turn. So she goes to her former foster sister's home. There she encounters a friend of the family—a handsome lawyer, caring for his special-needs sister. Needing a job and a safe haven, Susannah is grateful when David Foster hires her as caregiver for his sibling. She knows it's difficult for David to let others ease his burdens. Until he shows her just what a blessing she and her Easter baby are to him.

My views:  This was a cute short read and I did enjoy it.  I was impressed by the author giving us a central character that had suffered brain damage and had developmental problems in David's sister.  I really liked the book and would say that anyone who would enjoy a short read should pick it up.

Disclaimer:  I borrowed this book from mother and did not receive any compensations for this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are mine alone. Pin It Now!

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