Friday, April 6, 2012

#AtoZChallenge -F

Today's letter in the A to Z Challenge is the letter F.  Thinking about the letter F and the day I'm going to say Good Friday(please understand the word of the day is Friday with Good describing it)!

So what makes today the special Friday that it gets the word Good to describe it?  Today is the day we call Good Friday because it is the day the world has chosen to remember when Jesus was crucified.  I've heard many people who struggle with calling it Good, why not call it Sad or Day of Wrongdoing?  Well, here is my opinion.  Yes, I know just what you wanted to hear!

I believe we call it Good Friday because of the "good" that Jesus was doing.  He died to save us from our sins.  If you don't think that was a "good" act, then I'm sorry.  I think it was a wonderful act, and am filled with "good" thoughts when I think of all He sacrificed for me! Pin It Now!

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