Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today's letter is "C".

What one word do you think of when you think of "C"?  Cookie monster thinks cookies, my kids think cat and cow.  I think communication.

Communication is vital to all relationships, whether it be our relationship with God, our spouse, our children, our best friends, or a coworker.

Think about your communication style.  No matter what our prefered method of communication is, we should strive to be open and honest with people.  I find that if something pops into my head that I want to say, if I think about it, ask myself if I'd want someone to say that to me, and ask myself why I want to say this to them.  I ask myself how they will react to what I'm going to say and if it is truly something they need to hear.

Besides talking we communicate in non verbal ways as well.  These are harder to watch as most of them are second nature.  Do you roll your eyes, look away when you're bored?  Think about what your body is saying the next time you're in a conversation.

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  1. New follower from Just Another Static Heart - so glad she sent me over! Great post on communication. When I think of the letter C four things come to mind - Christ, charity, Chisum Crew and colon cancer (would that make it six C's??). Christ because He is the center of my life, charity because He makes me want to be kind and do good for all, Chisum Crew because it's my baby sis' and I's blog/Undy 5000 team raising awareness and money for a cure for colon cancer in Daddy's honor and memory. Looking forward to tomorrow's post on the letter D. Blessings, Happi Shopr