Friday, April 20, 2012

The Convenient Groom -Review

The Convenient Groom: Nantucket Love Story Series #2   -     
        By: Denise Hunter

The Convenient Groom, A Nantucket Love Story #2 by Denise Hunter

Description (CBD):  Dr. Kate has it all-a radio talk show, a nationally-syndicated column, and a publisher who is paying for a lavish wedding to coincide with the release of her first book, Finding Mr. Right-For-You. But when her fiance jilts her the morning of the wedding, her life begins to crash around her. Who, after all, would want a relationship book by a counselor who can't even hold her own engagement together?
When Lucas Wright realizes what has happened, he offers to marry Kate and save her public image. Kate's heart-and her pride-have been deeply wounded. Are Lucas's handsome smile and utter devotion enough to convince her that her marriage is more than she had ever expected?

My views:   I loved this book!  I absolutely could not put it down!  I am searching for the other books in this series now!  This author was new for me and I must say she's great.  If you love a good romance with lots of twists, turns, and intrique, this book is a definite must.  I grew close to Kate and once you learn about her past you understand why she does the things she does.  And then there's Stephanie and her troubles. . . . Pin It Now!

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