Wednesday, January 9, 2013

VACCeptable Injuries Book Giveaway -The Pitch List

Have you ever wondered about the vaccines that we give our children?  Why even such young children are required to get several shots?  Well look no further than this book to give you information and make you question what you believe!

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  1. I hear it has a lot of great research in it and I really think it is important for all parents to not be sheeple and to actually read up on the risks. As someone who is vaccine damaged, for me, the damage is not acceptable. It hurts though that others think it is worth the risks for the greater good when the science isn't even sound in the first place.

  2. I find this would be a really interesting read no doubt. PLH

  3. its a topic that affect parents and their children.

  4. This book is not a credible source of vaccine information, it's a sad story about a father's misguided blame. Vaccines are not the cause of illnesses which have a genetic basis. I would overlook this book completely - there are a few good vaccine books on the market now that do not subscribe to conspiracy theories...