Thursday, August 15, 2013

Snails Safe Nail Polish for Kids #review

I recently got to review(or rather my girls did) this awesome nail polish that actually just washes off with water!

Safe Nails is a European company(my review package from from Athens, Greece!) which is probably why I had never heard of them before they contacted me.  But now, I want everyone to hear about them!

My girls love to have their nails painted but I still have a few that will put their fingers in their mouths or chew on their nails(though she's getting so much better--yeah).  This is so safe that I would put it on my newborn who is only 2 months old.  They are also colors that I would wear which is wonderful!  I really don't like having to buy separate polishes or hair supplies for myself and the girls so it is so nice to find a company that offers not just kid colors or not just mommy colors.

We received a nice little package that included two nail polish colors of pink and purple, stickers to apply to the nails, two cute baggies, and two packages of wipes that just simply wipe off the polish with no scrubbing!  My two oldest were especially thrilled at this review as their favorite colors are purple and pink!

The above picture might seem strange to you, but not to me!  What are the best things about summer?  Bare toes(with painted nails) and watermelon!  Well that is a small problem with this nail polish though because it literally comes off super easily!  After eating watermelon and washing the sticky off our hands we could tell the polish was already starting to wash off!  Wow!

I am in love with how easily it comes off and the lack of chemicals in it.  This is so safe that I would actually put it on my 2 month olds nails.  I always cringe when I see babies with their fingernails painted.  Babies don't know better than to put those chemical laden nails in their mouths and suck on that polish.

This polish is made of only three ingredients.  It contains water, acrylic polymer, and non-toxic colorants.  That's it, no hidden ingredients.  These are packaged in eco friendly materials(such as recycled boxes and bottles) and are biodegrable.  One of the other #1 factors for me is that this polish is allergen free as well as toxin and chemical free.

SNAILS was founded by Jeanette, a mother of two who also is the CEO of Safe and Beautiful Cosmetics Co.  She knew that not all products that claim to be child friendly really are!  Of course I agree with her 100%! How many of those cute little  bottles of nail polish or lip gloss marketed for kids are harmless?  Almost none of them!  They all contain harmful chemicals and toxins.  Trivia about the founder!  She's half Greek and half British!  Yeah as my grandmum came over from England as a WWII warbride!

So I have to say we give these nail polishes and cute little stickers a 100% nails up!  My girls love them and can't wait to have their nails painted.  Of course, now they want other colors too. . . .

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  1. Neat product! I've never heard of them before but it sounds very cool!

  2. Neat! I'll have to check them out but shipping might be a little pricey LOL my daughters love to paint their nails but I can't stand the chemical smell or the thought of what they are putting on their bodies.

  3. Sounds cool. I recently heard of Lilla Rose - I hope it succeeds as they seem to have nice stuff. :)

  4. How fun is that! I love when concerned moms take matters into their own hands and find a solution!