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Brainfood Learning Insects DVD Review -TOS #hsreviews

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My kids are in love with birds and insects lately.  They ask me all kinds of questions and several of them I haven't known the answer to.  So as I was looking up information on the ones they had questions on I saw that as a member of The Crew I would get a choice to review one of three dvd's from BrainFood Learning!

The three dvd's that we had to choose from were on insects(yes please), birds(again a yes for my kids), and mammals(haven't really gotten into them but a good option!).  We finally decided on a first choice of Insects followed up with Birds as a close second.

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The Fascinating World of Insects turned about to be even better than we expected!  It discusses grasshoppers, ladybugs, rhino beetles, fireflies, mosquitoes, honey bees, water striders, ants, praying mantis, dragonflies, and butterflies.  This video is appropriate for all ages and costs $14.99.   At the end of the movie you also have a review section that asks questions for the kids to answer.  These are multiple choice.  It does give the answer after a pause to let the child select their own.  The entire length of the movie is 43 minutes.

I think this movie was great for our little home school but would also be a great resource for a public or private school as well.  It gives great information about the insects in discussion and the kids actually learn from it.  My kids were able to get almost every question correct on the quizzes after watching it the first time!

We watched the entire movie the first time we watched it and then broke it down to do mini unit studies with each insect.  In addition to the movie we used the new curriculum that went along with it that you can find on the Brainfood Learning website.  The curriculum was not available when we started our studies so we instead answered the questions on that insect for the review as well as some that I, as the teacher, made up.  Next, I had them draw a picture of the habitat for the insect, a picture of the insect, and then we labeled both pictures with words that we learned from our clip.  We talked about whether this insect is in our area of the country or not and where it might live if we wanted to go looking for it.  Lastly, we DID go looking for them!

We had a lot of fun using this little DVD/curriculum for our school and definitely recommend it to others.  My kids now want to get the one on Birds so they can learn more about birds.  I love that my kids love to learn and am so pleased to find things that make learning fun for them and make them want to continue learning.  This dvd is one of those things.

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