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Family Hope Center DVD Understanding Child Brain Development Review -TOS Crew #hsreviews

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I recently reviewed a dvd from Family Hope Center entitled Understanding Child Brain Development as part of the TOS Crew.  This DVD is primarily focused towards children with developmental delays and special needs.

The DVD is created by the Newells(Matthew and Carol) who are internationally renowned speakers and child brain developmentalists.  The video is about 2 hours long, but luckily it has this broken up into chapters for easier viewing.  It's a lot to digest watching all at once so the menu of chapters is wonderful!

The DVD can be purchased for $19.00 by either ordering it from Institute for Excellence in Writing or by calling the following number of 610-397-1737.

About The Family Hope Center from The Team at The Family Hope Cent on Vimeo.

The belief and purpose of Understanding Child Brain Development is to help children(and thus their parents) with special needs to overcome and possibly correct their brain dysfunctions and disabilities.  The Newells have used this process with their own daughter and now are sharing it with everyone in hopes of bringing hope and healing to all.  Both of the Newells have been certified in craniosacral and myofascial release therapy.  For 30 years they have been working on their program and individualizing it for children who are in need of special help.

One of their main principles is that in order to treat the child we must first treat the part of the brain that the behavior or problem is originating from.  In essence, treating the body from the inside out which is what holistic healthy professionals have been saying for quite some time and was a premise of treatment in the beginning of our time.  They do not believe in using medications to treat what our society believes to be diseases but rather to go back and repair the body and the brain of the child by allowing them to go back to a point in time where it might have originated.  This may require them to go back to creeping/crawling or such.

They make many point throughout the dvd, too many for me to talk on each an every one, but some that stood out to me were that you shouldn't use microwaves(we don't), you should limit television, computer, video games,etc(which is something we do), and that you should make sure your child eats a balanced healthy diet as well as drinks lots of water.  These are all things that I agree wholeheartedly with, not just for a child with special needs, but for any child!  In our household these are things that we hold strictly to for all of our children.  Not necessarily because they have special needs, but because it does make them a healthier and most generally a more well rounded individual.

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In my personal opinion, this is a dvd worth watching.  You may not agree with each and every point that they make, but everyone is sure to get something from it.  You do not have to have children with special needs to watch the video or to learn something.  The secret is to watch it with an open mind, digest it, and then go back and review sections.  As a nurse, I do have to say that I have seen instances where a child will benefit from this type of "treatment" and instances where they don't. I have seen children who really and truly need medicine as well.  To me it should be a case by case basis and each child is unique.

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