Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Keurig Brew Over Ice Review and Giveaway #LoveBrewOverIce #giveaway ends 8-30

Brew Over Ice
If you're like me you love coffee.  Well and tea on a hot summers day.  I happy to not really like sweet tea, but love flavored teas!  I was really excited to receive a package from Keurig to review as part of their Brew Over Ice program!  Yeah!  Make sure to show them how much you love them on their facebook and twitter!  They enjoy seeing your photos and hearing what drinks are your favorite.

I received to review an ice bucket with tongs(so cute and my kids have loved playing with it in non ice ways), 3 brew over ice samples(including my favorite peach tea), 4 coasters, a tumbler with lid and two different colored straws.

I'm part of a blogging group that you probably have seen and heard of called The Pitch List, well we've all been having fun with our tumblers this summer!  My tumbler was transformed by my children into Tumbler Annie.  Inspired of course from the great Annie Oakley.  Our tumbler got a pretty pink bandana from the older girls, a belt from my 2 year old, and a little gun from the boys.  Because of course you can't be Annie Oakley without some kind of gun!

Now on to the review.  First of course I took some pictures to show what I received because pictures help so much more than just words!

The first drink I tried was the peach tea because well, I LOVE peach tea and wanted to make sure I got to drink that one before anyone else could see it and use it!   Yeap selfish moment from this mommy!  And of course it did not disappoint.  Just enough peach flavor you can taste it but not too much to be overwhelming.
Now that left me with an iced coffee and another flavored drink.

The next thing I tried was the Vitamin Burst strawberry pomegranate.  I had never even heard of these before so wasn't sure what to expect.  Oh my goodness!  Yes this was extremely yummy and wonderful for a summer day.  Again not overpoweringly sweet.  I hate things that are too sweet.  Just can't stand things that taste like syrup so this was perfect as it gave you a hint of the flavors combined together to refresh and satiate you thirst.  Definitely a win win in my book.  Oh and definitely one that I'd try again(and again and again).

Lastly I tried the sweet and creamy regular iced coffee kcup from Donut Shop.  I'm really not a huge iced coffee fan which is strange considering how much I absolutely love coffee.  I did like this coffee but added just a touch of caramel extract to give it a bit of a caramel latte flavor.  The ice cubes I used were frozen almond milk. . . Wait is that a recipe!?  What yes of course it is.  But wait until I perfect the amount of caramel because I'll definitely be posting it for you then!

Now make sure to pop on over and enter my giveaway for a Brew Over Ice prize pack as well as visit Keurig for their Brew Over Ice Sweepstakes!!  Oh and print off some great coupons here!

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  1. Hey Now I am Need to find a shotgun for my Tumblina. Someone has to protect my Keurig Brew over Ice cups...

  2. I would love any fruity flavored brew over ice flavor. I'd start with the peach.

  3. for me, it would be the lemonade flavor!

  4. Snapple Apple is pretty good. I'm a fan of a lot of Iced Tea Flavors toot. lexbaylor17 (at) gmail (dot) com