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Seed Sowers Book Review -TOS Crew #hsreviews

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Recently through the TOS Crew Review team we got the chance to review a new book called Seed Sowers.  Seed Sowers is by Gwen Toliver and full of stories about going forth and planting the gospel.  You can find the book on the Seed Sowers website or for purchase on the Grace and Truth Books Site.  The book(softcover) retails for $13.95 normally but is currently on sale at the price of $12.50(this is current for this time and not for future reference, see original pricing).  You can also purchase a hardcover version($30.95) or ebook/kindle($3.99).

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I first read this book to myself.  I wanted to know what I would be reading to my children.  Afterall, that is the reason of reviewing the book as a homeschool mom, to share with my children.  After reading it myself I decided that this would be the perfect new book for us to use as our evening reading.  We like to read a book while everyone is just finishing supper and before parting to do chores and start getting ready for bed.  I thought the topic of this book, going forth and spreading the seeds of the gospel so that all may know Christ, would be a good discussion one for this time.  We have previously read and discussed books such as the Chronicles of Narnia.

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See above.  Isn't that an awesome picture!  Would you be able to cross a bridge like that?  The bridge being the only thing between you and that long drop to the waters below?  Oh my.  That might be very scary!  The fun thing though is that that bridge was not the only thing holding this man up as he spread the gospel.  I have a feeling there were angel wings right there with him the whole way and we're not just talking about his trip across this bridge!!

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I should mention that while some of the stories tell you the true name of the missionaries it speaks of, others are false names to protect those still in service of the Lord.  So, you might want to read the entire chapter including the disclaimers at the end before you share.  I know I was reading one story and found it so wonderful and my children had thought to include them in our prayer time.  It said the names had been changed of course as they are still out there spreading the gospel.  So we prayed for them, not by name, but by location and that they may be protected as they continue their work.  It took a bit of explaining to get my kiddos to understand why we didn't have their real names and why we couldn't pray for them by name.  Now they understand how dangerous it can be to be a Christian in some countries.

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These stories inspired me as to what people are willing to do for God and to what ends they will go to share His word so that no man may die in ignorance.  Of course, they also made me feel guilty.  Guilty that I don't do more to share the word.  Even here in our little piece of Midwest USA there are people who do not know God, people who need to know God!  We don't have to go to the ends of the Earth to share, we should start by sharing where we are.

We found this a great book and a great compilation of stories of the people who have gone to share.  My thanks to Gwen Toliver for writing and sharing these stories so that all may know.

This book can be enjoyed by the whole family as we have done.  It can be used for Bible credits for homeschooling, or for history/geography credits if you're finding and learning about the many places the missionaries went.  It can also just be used as a literature read alone for your 6th grade and up child.  We used it as a read aloud only.  Though I think once we get more into world geography we will use it again for that.

On an end note, please make sure you don't anger the wrong witch doctor, or run into a tribe of cannibals or race down the rapids, but if you do, know that God is with you and will see you through just as he did the Seed Sowers in this book.

Please stop by the main crew review page and read the reviews of other crew members.  I received a physical copy of this book for review but others also received ebooks as well.  Check out what everyone else got from the book as I'm sure we each picked up on something different.

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