Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jovial Foods Diced Tomatoes and Olive Oil Review #kissinthecook

I love to bake.  Really it's a compulsion.  It's like I have to bake.  I have to have yummy goodies on hand all the time.  That leads to a bit of a problem though.  I used to use a lot of butter in baking, but now we're dairy free so I can't use butter.  I have learned how to substitute in coconut oil or olive oil for butter.

That brings me to this review!  As part of my pizza party giveaway I needed olive oil!  I love to brush a fresh put together pizza crust with olive oil so that it browns nicely and seals in all the goodies!  I also use olive oil in the crust instead of butter.

Olive oil is a great oil for our body and a natural one.  You do need to make sure that it is pure olive oil and not synthetic or mixed with less undesirable oil.

I received a bottle of Jovial Foods olive oil along with 3 jars of diced tomatoes to use.  For the tomatoes I found several uses.  Of course, I did use them on my pizza(I love a supreme pizza with everything on it).  I also took all the juices off the tomatoes and made the sauce for the pizza from that.  It's really fairly easy to do and very good!  I also used some of the diced tomatoes in my stuffed burger post(you can see it here).  Some other uses for those yummy tomatoes were on a piece of breadstick with some cheese(dairy free of course).

Jovial Foods also sells and makes some wonderful goodies!  You should definitely check them out.  Oh how good those gluten free cookies sound and I do have to confess I've tried their fig filled cookies and find them to be wonderful.  When I was pregnant with my last I was craving fig newtons and found a package of these fig cookies.  They satisfied my craving perfectly!

Now back to the olive oil and tomatoes.  The olive oil is 100% extra virgin made exclusively in Italy.  It is USDA certified as well which just adds to the great resume of this oil.  I also must add that I love the lovely glass bottle that it is in.  The oil stays out of direct light with the tinting in the glass.  I can see this bottle getting reused in it's future.    The oil also works wonderfully in our bread recipe.  Take some oil and add some Italian seasoning, now you have a great little dip for your warm bread.  Oh yum, makes me hungry just thinking about it!

The lovely tomatoes.  Oh yes they are lovely.  As I stated before the juice/sauce off of the tomatoes can be thickened to make a great pizza sauce.  You don't have to take my word for it though, go ahead and make your own!  Yum!  I decided these diced tomatoes were perfect for adding onto my pizza, or simply bulking up a casserole.  They went(juice and all) into my sutler's beans and my kids ate them without complaint!  This is a treat because some of my children regularly refuse to eat tomatoes!

Besides running an allergy friendly plant, I love Jovial Foods for their stance against plastic.  Their oil and tomatoes were both in glass jars.  Yes glass can break in shipping, so they took extra precautions to make sure that didn't happen!  Nobody needs to be eating out of plastic(in my opinion) and glass to me is one of the only safe options.  I'm so glad to see a company taking the same stance.

You can see all the other great things Jovial Foods has to offer by visiting their website.  Don't forget to follow them on facebook and twitter as well!

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