Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Core Bamboo Ultimate Pizza Set Review #kissinthecook

I love to make pizza and my kids love to eat it!  I was super excited with one of my latest review items from Core Bamboo!  It's called the Ultimate Pizza Set and includes a bamboo pizza cutting board with pizza cutter and server!

Core Bamboo creates wonderful pieces of art that are usable in the kitchen.  Yes kitchen tools, to me, are forms of artwork.  Someone crafted them to make them not only functional but appealing to the eye which makes them art.  These pieces are created from 100% organic bamboo.  I found it interesting that the lacquer used on these pieces comes from natural cashew trees!  How wonderful is that?!  All of their seals, adhesives, and oils are food safe so you don't have to worry about what horrible chemicals you are putting in your mouth from the cutting board.  You'll find a vast array of fine products on their website.

We decided to have a pizza night at our house and try it out!  We made four pizzas total and all were cut on this neat new cutting board!  It has grooves to help you cut even slices every time as well.  This is a good thing for me because I couldn't cute  a straight line if my life depended on it!  The grooves cut rather large pieces so I used them and then cut each piece in half.  It is supposed to make 6 slices per pizza, but we did 12 as we cut them in half.  With 8 little kids eating ravenously it helps to have at least one piece per child per pizza.

This has got to be my favorite pizza board ever!  Great quality, sturdy, and I love that it sets up a bit from the table or counter you have it on.  It does not tip or try to move while cutting pizza which again is awesome!  I am in love.  It wipes clean very easily as well which makes using it repeatedly(as we do with having to make more than one pizza for a meal) easier without leaving a lot of leftover pieces on the board.

As you can see the pizza above looks good and cut wonderfully!  I'm in love with the server as well.  I must confess I will most likely steal it to help serve pie too. It's the perfect size!

The Ultimate pizza set retails for $42.00 on the Core Bamboo site and was featured in the September 2012 issue of EveryDay with Rachel Ray.  It is made of 100% organic bamboo.  Due to this it of course should not be allowed to soak in water or run through the dishwasher.  The 14.2 inch diameter makes it perfect for a medium sized pizza.  My pampered chef medium stoneware worked perfectly on this cutting board.  Almost as if they were made for each other!

I can see pizza becoming more of a staple in our household.  It is definitely much easier to cut and serve now and who doesn't like using pretty and practical things?  I love the color and soft feel(can you describe wood as soft, well it feels that way) as well as how smooth this board is.  The pizza cutter is sharp and as such you don't feel like you're tearing the pizza instead of cutting.  It follows the groove wonderfully and hardly needed any guidance from my hand.  The server worked well for me and was the perfect size for our half a large piece sizes.  

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  1. i love the 3 Piece Colored Utensil Set - Teal

  2. I love that it is divided and it is pretty too! I have one of their large handled bowls and I just love it! It ages beautifully and I use it for fruit to salad with success!

  3. I love core bamboo's stuff, so pretty and practical! I've had my eye on their salad hands for a while now.

  4. I have never used any core bamboo products but this looks awesome

  5. I frequently make pizza at home and use kitchen scissors to cut it into slices. I love this pizza cutting board! What a great idea. It's on my wish list, for sure. Thanks for the review.