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Logic of English Foundations -TOS Crew Review #hsreviews

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Do you want to make learning fun for your little ones?  Logic of English has many great programs for your kids.  We reviewed their Foundations A level which is geared towards budding learners ages 4-7.

Foundations A is a complete learning experience for reading, phonics, spelling, and handwriting.  You can choose whether you'd like manuscript or cursive handwriting as well.  We're doing manuscript because I think cursive is too advanced for my crew at present.  Not even my 2nd graders have started cursive yet!  We did receive a cursive handwriting chart for reference though.

Logic of English employs the see the phonogram, hear the sound, touch the card principle to help appeal to multiple senses at once.  I think this works really well with children who have some learning disabilities.  It is easier for them to grasp a concept if they can have it tactile.  If they can put immediately a sight and a touch to the sound that they are hearing.  Add to that lots of fun learning games and you've got children begging to do their reading as soon as they wake up. . . . it's too bad for mommy if that time is 5am and mommy hasn't had her coffee yet.  It's been a few weeks where I've been thankful for that programmable coffee pot!

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So for this review we received the Foundations Level A Manuscript Teacher's Manual($38.00), Foundations Level A Manuscript Student's Workbook($18.00), Cursive handwriting chart($10.00), Red Manuscript Phonogram Game Cards($10.00), Blue Bookface Phonogram Game Cards($10.00), Basic Phonogram Flash Cards($18.00), a whiteboard($12.00), and the Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript Tactile Cards($28.00).  This ends up being a $144.00 value.  You can buy these items individually or all together in a Level A and B set.  You can also build your own sets with other components as well.

I mentioned above that this program is designed for children ages 4-7.  I want to throw in that if you have a struggling child a bit older this is good for them too.  We have an 8 year old that has some developmental delays and there were areas that she hadn't totally grasped with phonics.  I went ahead and let her advance to 1st grade this year, but she still struggles.  I decided to let her sit in and play the games as well as listen and touch with the other children.  We only received one student workbook so that was given to my beginning schooler starting his first year of kindergarten(age 5) and another workbook was purchased for my other 5 year old just starting kindergarten.

I did not have any 4 year olds to try this out with, but I do have a 2 year old(almost 3) who really loved to play the games with us and picked up quite a bit from just listening.  I would have to say if you have a gifted or fast learning 3 year old this might even work for them.  They don't say this on their site and of course there are studies that show formal schooling shouldn't start until the child is older, but I find my little girl learning so much just by listening in to "school" in our house that if she asks to learn along I can't say no!  I could very easily see myself purchasing a workbook for her in the next year or so.

I had no problems getting my kiddos to want to do this program.  They fell in love the first day of learning and were always begging to do more!  I love it when kids love to learn and this program really seems to make them want to learn and to continue to want to learn.

I, as the mommy and the teacher, like that there are some online resources and videos that I can watch if I'm having any troubles teaching.  Let's face it, it's been a long time since I learned these letter sounds/phonics and I want to make sure that I'm pronouncing them correctly before I teach my children and have them saying them wrong for life!  There is a great resource on the Logic of English website entitled Free.  From there you can find a drop down menu of videos, downloads, etc.  It's a storehouse of information that I loved having access to.  Definitely helpful.  You can find spelling lists, spelling rules, phonogram help, and so much more!  I loved having access to spelling lists by phonograms to use for our school.

Now other Crew members also received the Foundations Level A to review as well as other programs from Logic of English.  Make sure you pop on over to the Main Crew Blog to see what they have to say about their experiences with the program.

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