Saturday, June 8, 2013

@GoodCookCom Produce Keepers Review and Giveaway (US only ends 6/22)

I recently received a set of fruit and vegetable keepers from Good Cook to review.  The set includes seven keepers: asparagus, cantaloupe, tomato, green pepper, lemon(citrus), grapefruit, and banana.  I want to start off by saying that these are BPA free!  It's so hard to find good food storage that is BPA free so I'm very excited to have these!

Photo Credit from Good Cook
One of the first things I did with my keepers was make a fruit salad and put it inside of the cantaloupe keeper.  My family loves this great salad which is super easy to make as well!

Fruit Salad:
2 lbs fresh red grapes(cut into half)
2 lb fresh strawberries(I cut mine in half and then into slices)
1 lb fresh blueberries(just clean them and throw them in)

Simply mix all the fruit together and enjoy!

Additional fruit to add if you have it:
We often add cantaloupe cut into bite sized pieces, watermelon as well, kiwi, and apple.

Fruit salad after being chopped and refrigerated for 2 weeks.

The fruit salad(well a small portion of it) stayed fresh for two weeks inside of the keeper.  Did not have any mushy or any of the fruit even thinking of going bad!  I was lucky to keep it hidden from the kids for that long!

These keepers are part of the Good Cook ProFreshionals Brand.  They are designed to look like the fruit or vegetable that they keep fresh to make it easy to get the right container at first glance and to help you know what you still have left to use in your refrigerator.

I'm not a fan of grapefruit, so we are using that keeper for our oranges which we are large fans of!  I have to say that my favorite keeper is the banana one.  Not that we ever have half a banana to keep fresh, but because it is the perfect size for me to send cut up pieces of fruit with my husband in his lunch box!  I'm a fan of using things where I can and this is the perfect way to use the banana keeper for us. My kids are huge banana fans so they never let us have even one bite of banana left around the house. In fact, if I buy bananas they tend to be gone within hours of me getting home from the store!

Since the banana keeper is my favorite I wanted to share with you some pictures of the banana keeper.  I wanted to show how you can adjust the size of the keeper.  Yes I'm nerdy but this is awesome!

The largest size for the keeper.

The smallest size for the keeper.
And now a cute story.  I was missing the banana keeper when I was making my husbands lunch the other night(I make it the night before to save time) and couldn't figure out where it had walked off to.  Things tend to grow legs of their own around here at our house.  I finally found it.  It seems that my two 2 year old little girls think that this makes a wonderful baby bottle toy!

If you like these keepers feel free to take advantage of a special offer that I am able to offer!  Until June 30th if you purchase any keeper from Good Cook you will also get the banana keeper for free.  You also can use coupon code KEEPERS to save 25% off your purchase!  What a wonderful deal!  These offers are only valid online.

I am very fortunate to get to bring to you a giveaway for 4 sets of these keepers!  Each set is valued at $42 so it is a great deal to be sure!  You can enter for your chance to win on the rafflecopter below.  All entries are voluntary so feel free to enter as many or as few as you like!  But the more you enter the more chance you have of winning!  The Giveaway will run from now until June 22nd.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. These are great! I like the cantaloupe keeper the most because you can store more in them.


  2. I like the tomato keeper. First, it's just extremely cute! It also would be put to good use because we love tomatoes.

  3. I like the banana keeper because my hubby always cuts bananas in half and then the other half goes bad before we eat it....

  4. My bananas are always getting too ripe before I can use them, so I would like to try the banana keeper.

  5. I like the lemon keeper. It would be the most used, I love fresh lemon juice, but rarely use a whole one ina single time

  6. Mine would be a toss up between the tomato keeper and the apple keeper. The kids don't always eat a whole apple, and I have issues with keeping tomatoes.

  7. i like the grapefruit keeper! i eat lots of grape fruit!

  8. I like the pepper keeper because it is so cute.

  9. Oh I love the banana keeper! They are all so neat!

  10. I really like to tomato keeper as that is one thing I have the most trouble storing correctly.

  11. I want to try the banana keeper. :)

  12. I would love the cantaloupe one...I'd use it for pineapple, too.

  13. Id use the tomato keeper the most.

  14. Cantalope keeper.. there is always a half to eat the next day.

  15. i like the tomato keeper because that is the one i would use the most

  16. I like the tomato keeper, im always using half a tomato and left with the other half to try to wrap up all the time!

  17. Our bananas disappear quickly, too. I'd like the asparagus one as that would help them fit much more neatly in the fridge.