Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bakestack Review from @YouCopiaInc The Pitch List

Recently I was given the chance to review the newly released BakeStack from YouCopia.  I have fallen in love! Don't forget to also check them out on Twitter and Facebook too!

My new kitchen organizer!

I'm a great lover of baking and had a tub that contained all my cake decorating supplies.  I really needed something else to keep them in a little more organized fashion and this was just the ticket.  I have a feeling when I'm not huge pregnant or taking care of a newborn I'll come back and reorganize this and use more of the dividers to keep stuff separate, but for now I did a minimal amount of separating.  It's just so nice to have it all accessible without having to dig around!  

Ready to get started organizing my baking supplies!

Above you'll see the empty bakestack.  I'm in love with the fact that it has three drawers so that you can organize by drawer.  Keep reading to see how I am using the three drawers for cake and cupcake decorating tools and accessories.

bottom drawer all filled up

In the bottom drawer I have placed all my decorating bags and a cheat guide to easy cake decorating!  I have some disposable bags and some reusable so I've placed the reusable at the back and disposable at the front!

My middle drawer nicely organized.

In the back of the middle drawer I have divided off some room for all my candles. I tend to buy candles when they are on clearance out as we have several birthdays each year!

The front section of the middle drawer has my cupcake liners.  I have a variety for birthdays and ones that I've gotten on clearance.  I don't see what's wrong with using Valentine's ones year round! I also have some mini cupcake liners thrown in there.

And the top drawer all nice and ready for me to start decorating!

My top drawer is currently holding all my dyes for icing and my tips.  I have plastic tips and metal ones.  The metal are my favorite but I do have to use the plastic occasionally.  Some of the plastic are also connectors for when I use my reusable bags and need that great seal!

So what do you think of the BakeStack?  I'm in love with mine and could definitely find more uses for others if I had the money to purchase them!  I am very glad that I've gotten the chance to review this one and am seriously eyeing that SpiceStack to organize my spices.  Well at least the ones that I don't buy in bulk and have in large jars!

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