Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Dinner Blog Hop

If you're like me, you still have to prepare your own Mother's Day dinner.  Plus you have to do it either before or after church.  With 8 kids running around the house and the fact that I'm due any day to have our next, I'm relying heavily on my crockpot this year!

Instead of posting a whole new recipe I'm going to share my two favorite crockpot meals with you.  The first is for a roast with potatoes and carrots.  We tend to not buy a lot of meat from the stores as I don't like all the chemicals that those animals are fed so we eat what we grow on our own land or what we can kill.  A bit old fashioned, but oh so good!  Originally this roast was posted using deer meat.  You can also use a lamb roast or leg of lamb(both very good) or even beef or pork if you have it.  We don't normally raise beef or pork so we stick to lamb and deer here.  My carrots and potatoes are organic purchased through Azure Standard.  For seasonings I love a good Italian blend.   With the deer especially to help make it tender I will take and make up a batch of Italian salad dressing and put this on top of the roast.  Wonderful flavor!

Here is my recipe for a roast with carrots and potatoes cooked solely in the crock pot.

The next main dish that I cook in the crockpot(which is truly more my favorite than my families) is a chicken and asparagus casserole.  Now this does need to be served over rice or pasta so you'd have to make that up quickly after getting home from church unless you have a rice cooker that can do the work for you while you're gone.

If you already have a main dish, or have a husband who is good at grilling and is grilling you out some steaks!  Yum!  You may just need a side dish or two.  We love garlic corn here in our house!  The recipe is super easy and the family will gobble it up.  You can view that recipe HERE.  Or simply make your own baked beans!

Make sure to hop around to my other blogger friends and see what yummy recipes they're sharing for Mother's Day!

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