Friday, May 10, 2013

DefenderPad Laptop Radiation Shield Review and Giveaway -The Pitch List


Do you have a laptop?  Have a problem with it getting hot?  Want to set with it in your lap so you can work but hate how hot it makes your lap or worry about radiation exposure?  Well I now have the perfect cure for you.  I recently got the chance to review the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation Shield.  This shield is a very thin black shield to go underneath your computer to help fix and prevent all these problems.

Before starting to use the DefenderPad I had troubles with my laptop getting too hot and then you would hear it running hard and acting up.  I really hated that!  It was annoying.  I also hated putting the thing in my lap because I hated how hot it would get.  I'm 38 weeks pregnant and don't need any help increasing my body heat!

Did you know that laptops emit raditation?  They can emit harmful electromagnetic radiation which is linked to decreased fertility in both males and females.  There are also other frequencies of radiation that are emitted.  The DefenderPad protects against all of these as it is able to block them from reaching you when you are using it to place the computer in your lap.

The DefenderPad is very slim and trim and easy to use.  You can take it with you simply by sliding it into your laptop case with your computer.  It is that thin!  Super easy to take with you and the protection is definitely worth it.

Look at how thin this is!  Seriously you won't even know it's there!

I also get to share with you a special coupon code for 10% off your own DefenderPad simply by using code spring13.  How simple is that!  Thanks to this great company for offering up this review and discount code.

Like what you're reading here on my blog and on their website?  Check out their other medias on facebook, pinterest, google + as well as twitter; and then come back to enter the giveaway below!  5 lucky readers will each win a DefenderPad of their own!  Giveaway ends on May 24th.

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  1. I love my DefenderPad! I can sit outside with the kids with out burning my lap!

  2. I would love to have it my computer does get hot!

  3. I will be using the defender pad - my husband has an iPad.

  4. I LOVE MY DEFENDERPAD! Seriously it is my new favorite thing in our home. My laptop has not overheated since I started using it and that is a miracle!