Thursday, February 21, 2013

National Sticky Bun Day!

I just found out that today is National Sticky Bun day!  That sounds so good!

I wanted to share my cinnamon roll recipe.  It is gluten free but actually rises!  Woohoo, these were something I missed and am so glad this recipe worked out for us.  Hope you try it and it works for you too.  Easily make it dairy free with coconut milk and coconut oil instead of butter as well.

Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Don't these look good?

Make sure to go on over and check out my recipe as well!

These may be some of the best gluten free dairy free cinnamon rolls you've ever eaten!!

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  1. I love cinnamon rolls! Thanks for this!

  2. 0_0 This looks way too good to be any kind of healthy, lol.

  3. They look so good. I never knew there was national sticky bun day.

  4. YUM sticky bun day! Next year can I come over to your house? these look great

  5. I love how big they are! I miss giant sized cinnamon rolls!

  6. Of course this look delicious! I have not been able to indulge as of lately, but sticky buns are a weakness!

  7. I love the easy and quick recipes.