Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Udi's new Fall Line is Simply Scrumptious! @udisglutenfree

I love the foods of fall.  I'm not talking turkey and dressing.  I'm talking pumpkin and spices, ginger, and molasses!  I'm talking the delicious goodies that make us gain weight every winter!

Udi's Gluten Free has launched a new line of such simply scrumptious fall foods that I was pleased to get a chance to review and share with you.

I received the Pumpkin Muffins which can be purchased for $6 at most stores that sell Udi's products.  These are gluten and dairy free but do contain eggs.  We don't have issues with eggs in our house(that we know of) so everyone could eat these!  They were awesome!  Nice and moist and super good.  The flavors remind you of the muffins grandma would make and set out to cool that you'd steal while they were still warm.  Or maybe that's just me!

I also received their new Ginger Molasses cookies.  These can be purchased for $5 per carton.  These are seriously addicting.  I may or may not have shared these with the kids. . . . They are soft and chewy and thoroughly delicious.  Each bite explodes your taste buds with ginger and molasses and other spices too(cinnamon and cloves to name a few).  These remind me of a delicious cookie that dates back to pre Civil War days called a Lumberjack.  But I have yet gotten my lumberjacks to turn out this good in the gluten free variety.  These do contain dairy and eggs.

You can find the other new seasonal additions by going HERE. Make sure to like Udi's on their facebook and follow on twitter to stay up to date on the newest additions.   I am dying to try their new line of cookies!  They sound so good.  Coconut Peanut Butter and Maple Pecan. . . . . . oh those just make my mouth water reading the names!  Yes I'm a lover of goodies and it's amazing I don't weigh three times what I do now from eating them!

I had to share the images of the new cookies too.  I'm loving the new direction Udi's is going and though we love their old products I have to say they're improving on an already good thing with their new ones!  A big thank you to Udi's for making gluten/dairy free easier for those of us who live that life.  You know I love to cook, but sometimes you just want something quick and easy.  Something you can pull out of the freezer and feed your family without spending hours in the kitchen.  That is what Udi's is for me.  They are my short line life saver!  

Thanks Udi's and we in this house love your products!  Keep up the good work!

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