Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cross Country Cafe Coffee Review #review

If you've followed my blog long you'll know I love coffee. Coffee helps me function.  I have long loved the smell and taste of coffee, but it is one of those things now that I can't do without.  It's not the caffeine I'm addicted to because I drink decaffeinated, so it must just be the taste!

I received a complimentary box of Green Mountain breakfast blend decaf coffee from Cross Country Cafe to review.  They offer tons of great coffee including several different Green Mountain varieties.  I personally am a fan of organic or at least Fair Trade coffees thus Green Mountain is my brand of choice as they tend to be one more accessible for purchase.

Make sure you sign up to receive emails from Cross Country to get their weekly specials.  Every Wednesday they roll out new specials.  The newest special is for the Tully's Hawaiian blend or Diedrich French Roast.  Both are 24 packs

They also have a new coupon valid Monday November 11- Wednesday the 13th!  Get $2 off the new ultimate party kit.  In the party kit you receive 24 kcups with includes four each of Hazelnut, Columbian, French Roast, hot chocolate, English Breakfast Tea, and Decaf Vermont Blend.

Keurig Kcup Coffee Dinner Party Variety Pack 

Looks like a great deal to me!  Like I've said I love Green Mountain coffee and Twinings teas are really good as well.  I can't have dairy so the milk chocolate would not be a good choice for me.  I cannot offer anything about the Hazelnut as I've never tried it before.  I have a friend who used to start every day with the English Breakfast Tea, but has recently switched to Irish Breakfast tea.

I was raised up on tea and coffee by my grandma who recently passed.  I've started drinking less coffee and more teas since she died as it helps me feel just a bit closer to her remembering our teas together.  She'd always keep the little sugar dish out so I could have sugar in my tea.  Ironically, now I hate sugar in my tea and drink my coffee with just a hint of cream.  I don't even like sweet tea!  Though I love a good suntea with mint leaves.  My grandpa was Southern and taught me a love of that though he liked his a bit sweeter than me and with a dash of something strong!

All in all:  Cross Country Cafe gets an A+ in my book and I think it should be your go to coffee shop too.  Cheaper than Wal-Mart and more variety!  They also sell whole bean and ground coffee as well.

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