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Carole P. Roman Book Reviews, Away We Go Media -TOS Crew #hsreviews

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I love to read and try to instill that love into my kids.  We recently got a chance to further that love with a review of 4 books by Carole P Roman of Away We Go Media.  We received a series of four books that help kids travel around the world!  Exciting!

We received:
If You Were Me and Lived in . . . Norway

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This is a series of four books that help introduce our children to cultures around the world.  I think the idea is fantastic and my kids loved studying where other kids live.  It would be very neat if this series were continued and contained many more countries.  Each book talks about what a child of that country would do, eat, how they speak, etc.  They highlight specifics such as important holidays and how they live as well.

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These books are geared for preK through age 8.  My oldest is 8 and loved them.  She was able to read them for herself and only had some questions for words she didn't know.  I read them aloud to all of the children as well and even my little preK guys loved the books.  Of course, preK doesn't have the same comprehension and such that an 8 year old does, but any age will pick up things from these books especially if they are read more than once.

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The books are reasonably priced as well.  Currently they can be purchased for $8.99 with a regular retail of $9.99 for paperback editions of France, Mexico, and South Korea.  Right now Norway(the newest in the series) is available for $8.62 with a regular retail of $11.99.

We received the softcover versions of the book which are 20-30 pages long and written in easy to read text for kids.  The last page contains a pronunciation guide for all those foreign words that we're learning.
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Of the four books my kids favorite one was Norway, Land of the Midnight Sun.  I think because we had recently been reading about Norse people of old and this brought it closer a step.  They also have studied the legends of Santa around the world and one of our favorite depictions is the Santa of Norway.  I do feel the need to put here that we do not believe in Santa or use a Santa figure in our home, but we have studied them.

These books work great as little mini unit studies.  Look up the country on the map.  Draw pictures of the homes in the area.  We also made a supper of foods that children in that country would eat.  Lots of fun can also be had by letting your kids play games that children in that country might  play.  We also tried to learn to count to ten in the language of each country.

Carole P. Roman has also written other books besides this sweet series.  Such as a Captain No Beard which sounds like it would have all the kids full of giggles!

Want to learn more about these books?  Simply check out the rest of the Crew Reviews over at the Main Crew Blog Post.  We all reviewed the same 4 books but with different ages and different ideas I'm sure you'll get something different from each of us.

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  1. Thank you for the terrific review. I am glad all the different age groups were able to get something out of the books. That was my goal, that the series should be flexible enough for parents to pull what they need for each age group. Sounds like you did just that!