Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stories of the Pilgrims Audio Books Review (as read by Jim Hodges)

Do you enjoy Thanksgiving?  Do you spend time each November talking to your children about Thanksgiving and what it is all really about?

We do a unit study each year that I prepare from scratch and I always try to get new and improved things to add.  After looking around I was at a loss this year.  What was I going to do that was different?

Well thank you to Jim Hodges who did the audio for Stories of the Pilgrims.  This audiobook is available on CD or digital download.  For the month of November only you can purchase the download for $15 and the study guide for $5.  The CD remains at the normal pricing of $25.

You can also download the first chapter for FREE as an MP3 download to let you know if you're going to like the audios or not.


Stories of the Pilgrims is one of the volumes of Yesterday's Classics.  Other works in the series include the Nursery Book of Bible Stories, American History Stories, and Four Great Americans.  They are all geared towards younger listeners or ages 5-10 approximately.

We received the digital download for review and also a copy of the study guide.  The study guide could not be used independently by most of mine as they are too young to read it all on their own, but we were able to have mommy read the questions and everyone answer.

We listened to the download off the computer while we were sitting normally during baby's nap time(the time I want everyone else to be quiet).  This helped to have something for the kids to do that was quiet and still school.  We would listen to a chapter a day normally though somedays they could do two chapters before the little ones needed to be able to run around.  Most chapters were around 5 minutes long though some were more and others less.

This was a favorite for my kids.  The older ones wanted to listen to the whole thing at once. . . it's over 4 hours long!  The journey starts before the Pilgrims begin their journey and follows them as they cross the ocean and settle over here including all their discoveries and hardships.  Sometimes it's really nice to be able to listen to someone besides Mom during school and this was great because I did not have to be the one doing the reading.

More volumes are definitely on our want list though I think I would prefer the CD version so we could listen to them on car rides.  When we go grocery shopping it's an hour each way and listening to stories is a great way to fill that time as well as still get our school done for the day.

We are definitely recommending this audio book to everyone who will listen and my kids give it 5 stars.  Check them out, listen to the free chapter, and take advantage of the November sale and the time left before Thanksgiving to do your own unit study.

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