Thursday, July 25, 2013

Use GoWallet to Organize Gift Cards -Sponsored post

Gift Cards Give A Gift To The Giver too!

If you're like me, there are some friends that are just plain hard to buy for. Rather than getting them something they may not like I love to give them gift cards to stores or restaurants or even for a spa day to just relax. After all, 73% of people would rather get a gift card so they can pick out what they really want!

I know for me a gift card is great!  I'd love to go out to eat with my husband every so often but we can't fit that in our budget right now.  That's why I love gift cards and wish my family would take the hint and give us these for gifts!

The infographic from Gowallet below gives a lot of great tips about how you can make gift cards even more useful for the person receiving the gift card AND the person giving it. 

For example:

Watch for discounts on gift cards from your favorite retailers and restaurants and think about buying a few. You can often get a big discount by buying them at the same time.
Buy gift cards at the grocery store and earn gas reward points to save as much as $1 a gallon on gas at major stations. Like this deal Safeway has right now that offers you 4X points when you buy gift cards there!

Got a gift card you didn't use or don't want? You can trade them in or exchange them at sites like CardPool.com or sell them at a discount. How awesome is that?

Got a lot of gift cards and can't keep track of them? Use  to organize and track your balances, and even get discount offers.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn more. Enjoy! Pin It Now!

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