Friday, July 5, 2013

Schoolhouse Planners Review and Giveaway ends 7-13

As we get ready to start a new school year(our homeschool year runs from July-June) it's time to start planning and getting everything ready.  If you're like me you've tried quite a few planners over the years.  I  never seem to find one that I really like.   I want my planner to incorporate my daily life, the school life, our chores, etc.  I have always wanted to have everything in one place and not have 3 or 4 planners just to keep track of everything going on.

Well, now I have such a planner.  The Big Mama planner from Schoolhouse Teachers allows you to create your own pages and your own order so you can include everything you need for your family/school/home schedules!  With over 800 pages to choose from, you print and organize them where you want them.  There are also pages that you can add to or create your own.

I am enjoying creating my own planner this year.  I have already chosen the pages that I want to use for planning our school year by the week with each child having their own page.  I'm in love with the field trip/extracurricular sheets that I have picked out and the forms for the kids to fill our after each of these.  This is going to end up being a very big binder I am afraid!  The variety is what I find wonderful.  If I don't like a specific page I can find another that I do or simply go in and make my own.

There are 5 planners available total.  Winner will receive the Big Mama planner as well as their choice of one of the four other planners for students.  These other four are the high school planner, special learner planner, primary planner, and intermediate planner.  Here we should note that if you are a Schoolhouse Teachers member you have access to these planners all for FREE!!  Right now the cost to join is $3 for the first month with $12.95 per month afterwards.  Or you can choose to sign up for a year for $139.  With either option you get access to all 5 of these planners for free.  You can also choose to purchase the planners without joining and those are the prices that will be listed below!

All planners come in PDF format which makes it easy for you to customize and build your own planner.

Now for more about the individual planners:

1)  Big Mama Planner
cost- $39
800 pages to choose from
must have lists(ex. presidents, states and capitols)
family planning pages, transcripts
field trips, hour logs
chore charts, meal planning, grocery lists
helpful articles to help you get your year started off right
individualized child schedules per day or week

2) Special Learners Planner
cost- $29
help for homeschooling the child with special needs
task analysis cards to teach life skills
helpful articles
homeschool individualized IEP
food and behavior diaries

3) Primary Planner
cost- $9.95
articles written specially for primary students
grammar rules, story starters
math tables, animal classification chart
book and video logs, chore charts
field trip report sheets
Bible reading schedule
recipes for them to prepare themselves

4) Intermediate Planner
cost- $19.00
designed for middle schoolers
planning sheets and calendars
financial records
goal recording
address book
Bible reading schedule

5) High School Planner
cost- $29.00
guide for planning the high school course of study
college checklist
articles and planning pages
logs for tracking community service, Bible reading hours, and much more!

To enter the giveaway you have several options.  None are mandatory though so feel free to do any or all!
Leave a comment on this post for each task you complete.  Make sure to leave a separate comment per entry so you get credit for them letting me know which task you did.  Must leave your email with the comment or I won't be able to email you if you are the winner!

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6)  Which planner would you wish to use and why?

Giveaway open from July 6-13.  Winner will be notified on the 14th and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.  Winner will receive the Big Mama planner and their choice of the smaller planners.  I am not responsible for sending the planner to the winner, your information will be passed on and the planners sent to you from the sponsor.

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  1. First of all, I am not a homeschooler, but my daughter could really use the intermediate planner since she is going into fifth grade. I love your review of these quality products!

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  10. I would love the High School Planner

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  16. 1) Big Mama Planner because we are just starting out.... my son is unschooled

  17. The big mama or the primary planner... because even a seasoned homeschooler needs lots of planning and direction! The idea to have it all in one place and not printing it all from 100 different locations seems like a true blessing!