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Moving Beyond the Page Homeschool Review -TOS Crew #hsreviews

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I often mention how we're blessed beyond imagine to be able to review such wonderful materials through the  TOS Crew.  Well this time, we're blessed beyond the page for reviewing Moving Beyond the Page.  We received two different units to review and I will talk about them in detail below.  The first was a reading/literature unit Sarah Plain and Tall.  The second was a social studies unit titled Government and the People.  Both units are geared towards ages 7-9.

Moving Beyond the Page offers a wide variety of curriculum for a vast array of ages.  Really if I were to list all of the units they offer here, you would get tired of reading.  Currently they offer curriculum for ages 5-13 broken up into 7 age sections.  They are also soon coming out with ages 4-5 and 12-14.  Subjects offered are Science, Literature, Social Studies, and Math.

Sarah, Plain and Tall

Sarah Plain and Tall is a literature study.  I received a copy of the book in the mail, but all of the materials for the study were accessible online through Moving Beyond the Page's website.  The unit is open for 90 days once you access it for the first time.  Most of their studies are designed to be completed in 2-3 weeks.  The age range for this particular study is ages 7-9.  They do say that your child should be reading at a 3rd to 4th grade level for this course.  The online unit cost is $18.92 while the full print curriculum is $22.98.

Government and the People is a social studies unit focused on the relationship between the citizens of the United States and the government.  I received three books with the physical unit.  You can also receive an online unit, but I received the physical unit to review.  The three books are the curriculum book(Government and the People) as well as the book Vote and How the US Government Works.  The physical package cost is $31.93 while the online version is $27.87.

Of the two units we received to review, the literature unit was my kids favorite.  We've read other books based around this time period in the plains before and they have enjoyed them.  They really loved all of the activities that went along with the unit.  It of course didn't occur to them that while they were having fun and completing cards and throwing parties that they were learning still!

I was impressed that the literature unit also incorporated social studies, history, and even a bit of science.  It's great to know that your child is being well rounded while reading a book!  Also to know that they think their learning is fun and are disappointed when it ends!

Government and the People

My kids enjoyed Government and the People but were not held as captive by it as they were the Literature unit.  I can understand this.  After all it is social studies and government which weren't my two favorite things in school either.  But I do have to say that they definitely learned what they were supposed to from the unit.  It may not have had the same types of activities, but it had worksheets/pages that made the children think and it did have them do things that were fun.  As the teacher it was well written and at a level they could understand. The examples and activities really brought the information to a spot that the kids could understand and relate to.

In total review of both units, I would have to say that they are written more towards the grade level and not the age level in my opinion.  My oldest is 8 and starting 2nd grade materials.  I think the units were really geared to a 2nd-4th grade level and not necessarily a 7-9 year old level unless those ages had already advanced to those grades.  If you look at their page or catalog it does say that they are geared towards creative, hands on, and gifted learners.  My children are all gifted but in their own different areas.  I have some that have learning disabilities and I don't think this would work as well for them unless I went several age ranges below their physical age.  It is definitely very hands on and creative which really hit it off with my oldest daughter who is 8 and very much a creative artsy type individual.  My oldest son also was working on these and he really enjoyed the hands on activities as that is his best way to learn.  He is also going into 2nd grade but is only 6 at present(he'll be 7 this fall).

Oh and a last thought.  My daughter wanted me to mention that she loves how the covers of the units look like kids have drawn them and she thinks it would be fun to be able to draw a unit cover someday as she wants to be an artist!  Got to love the way a child thinks, especially my own!

Moving Beyond the Page has a great variety of units and studies for a vast age range.  Check out the TOS Crew main blog to read more reviews about this great homeschool product.

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