Monday, July 29, 2013

Announcement: Lilla Rose Needs You!!

That's right!  Lilla Rose a great company with awesome hair products(often called jewelry for your hair) need you to sign up and become a consultant.  Okay, so maybe I just really want you to sign up and become a Lilla Rose consultant. I personally did and would love to share this with you.

Right now for the rest of July all consultant kits ship free.  That's right absolutely free.  You're saving money by signing up now!

This neat little graphic shows you how much you save by signing up by the end of the month.  The best deal to sign up for is the Fast start kit plus either the party or show kit.  If you are planning on doing a lot of shows to sell then you will want that kit. I chose the party kit as it includes 5 flexi clips and this is one of the major selling points for me.

The Fast Start kit is the kit I recommend for several reasons.  You get $1100 worth of flexi clips or Lilla Rose hair products(this depends on if you choose the mixed lot of the flexi only lot) that you can either horde all for yourself and your family, give as gifts, or sell.  You are instantly qualified to earn bonuses and you haven't missed out on this great start to your business.  Once you sign up you will not get another chance to purchase the Fast Start kit.  The only down side is that unfortunately you can't decide which clips will be included in your kit.

I personally am in love with the flexi clips.  They work in fine hair, thick hair, coarse hair, long hair, short hair, etc. I have long hair, it used to be a lot longer though and when I got my first clip it was at the longer thicker lenght.  At that time an x-large was the only size that seemed to fit to put all my hair up.  I later learned there was one size bigger but did not have it to work with.  Now I use a large to keep all my hair up on top of my head.  If I want half my hair up the medium is perfect.  These clips are unique in their one of a kind design as well as in the fact that if the size you have doesn't fit just right you can bend or flex it to get it to a better fit!

Oh and that's not all!  The flexi's work in little girl hair too.  The smallest size is the mini and let me tell you it is so tiny and so cute!  It works perfectly in my little two year olds hair.  She really doesn't have much hair at all and it is hard to put a ponytail in what she does have.  The mini allows us to pull back just a little bit and make her feel like she has beautiful hair just like mommy and her older sisters.  In our house we have 7 girls if you count me and the only one who cannot fit a flexi from my stash is our little two month old baby girl who really has no hair!

Lilla Rose is a great company to work with.  I've only been a member for a short time, but the support and advice I have received has been overwhelming.  These ladies are wonderful and will go out of their way to help you succeed as well as make you feel welcome.  Since Lilla Rose is still a fairly new company, it is also wonderful to work with them as there is not as much competition.  You are one of a select few!  This company has potential to grow to wonderful heights with their unique hair jewelry.

Make sure to take a look at the vast products page while you're browsing my new website.  In addition to the flexi's you can find bobby pins, u pins, o rings, hair sticks, and headbands.  I have to say that I have tried out the flexi's, headbands, and hair sticks personally and love them all.  I was one of those doubting Thomas sorts thinking that two little sticks would never hold up my head of hair. . . but they did!  And the headbands are some of the few that don't slip and don't give me headaches!

Make sure to check out my website for your Lilla Rose needs.  If you're interested in becoming a consultant please go HERE to sign up!  If you sign up before the end of the month with the free shipping offer I will send you a FREE item from my kit!  Hurry as this great deal is almost gone!  Or if you can't commit to becoming a consultant now please consider hosting a party with Lilla Rose.  It can be online, catalog, or even in your home if you live in my area!

Back to signing up as a consultant before the free shipping is gone!  You have no minimums you must sell or buy per month which is what has stopped me from joining things like this before.  I don't like the pressure of knowing I have to sell so much per month.  With Lilla Rose the only requirement is that you must sell or buy $29 to remain as a consultant.  This is the price of two flexi clips and I think we can all buy or sell that!  After all everyone needs a birthday present and what better present than  a flexi clip!

**This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase from one of these links I will receive a commission; however, that is not affecting the content of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are genuine and my own experience.** Pin It Now!

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