Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spatty Review and Giveaway- The Pitch List ends 5-4

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I am one of those people that absolutely hates to waste anything.  I hate to waste the last bit of spaghetti sauce in a jar or those last precious drops of ketchup.  Believe me, the way my kids eat ketchup that stuff is gold!

spatty and spatty daddy
The original size Spatty and the Spatty Daddy!
Now I have the perfect solution!  I recently got the chance to review The Spatty.  The Spatty comes in two sizes.  A larger longer size and a smaller size. I find myself using the larger size quite often but not so much on the smaller size.  I think this is probably due to the fact that we buy most everything in bulk so all of our containers are large!  With 8 kids that's the only way to go!

Spatty and Spatty Daddy
You can see the difference in the two sizes here.
The website also states that you can use it for makeup and lotion, personal care type items, but so far mine has not made it out of the kitchen.  I might start using the smaller sized one for that since it doesn't get used much in my kitchen.  It is the perfect size to stick into a bottle of lotion or shampoo.

Like what you're seeing with The Spatty?  You are in luck and can enter to win one of 10 sets being given away as well!  Just enter on the rafflecopter form below.  I am not responsible for shipping this prize or for choosing the winners.

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  1. Let's see, peanut butter, mayo, butter,jelly, frosting, honey and I could name many more:)
    Kathleen Quinlan

  2. conditioner, lotion or makeup

  3. I have problems with peanut butter. I don't cook much so I would prob use the smaller on for make up and facial cleanser, I really don't like leaving any of that behind. Vicki

    1. I have a Spatty and I love it! I have used it so many times, that I could not imagine what I would do without it.

  4. Miracle Whip and we get the huge ones from sams.... or me creams since these would fit right on in there :)

  5. Do I have to name just a few? I can think of many thing I would use it on!

  6. Peanut Butter, Mayo, Mustard, Salad Dressing and the list goes on lol

  7. Peanut butter is a big one also jelly! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. in addition to items in the kichen, I have to say the expensive skin creams I buy for my face and body-I really want to be able to get my money's worth but at times can't get the final bit out, so this would help.

  9. Mayonaise, peanut butter, shampoo

  10. Michelle DowningMay 4, 2013 at 10:03 AM

    mayonnaise is what I hate having to get out of the jar and I hate leaving behind peanut butter.