Monday, April 1, 2013

Dragonfly Organix Review and Giveaway- #DragonPL


I was given a chance to review four items from Garden Guys.  I reviewed the Egg Wipes(you can read about them HERE), Odor Eliminator, Garden Neem, and All Purpose Cleaner.

Dragonfly Organix review items

I had reviewed the  egg wipes in a previous post(linked above) but do want to say that they make letting the kids help out by cleaning our free range farm fresh chicken eggs super easy and let me know that the eggs are clean!

The Odor Eliminator was put to the test on a couple of chairs that we purchased from someone that we'll call "the cat lady".  Oh yes, these chairs reeked of cats(didn't know it until we had already paid for them).  We needed more seating for our growing family and I really liked the chairs.  I had used Febreeze on these chairs.  I had made homemade sprays and used them on the chairs, nothing was working.  They would kill the odor for a few days, and then it was back.  I am now hooked on Dragonfly Organix Odor Eliminator because it does what it says!  It ELIMINATED the odor!  It's gone!  No more yucky cat smell.  It's been over a month since I sprayed the chairs down and no cat smell has come back.  We have a cat indoors who sleeps on top of our chairs and they don't even smell like her. . . . now the fur she leaves behind is a different story!

Next we tried out the All Purpose Cleaner.  I already have a favorite for in the bathroom that is chemical free so thought I'd try this one out in the kitchen.  I sprayed down the stove and let it set for about 10 minutes.  I should mention that my kids and husband had been helping me cook that day and the stove was extremely dirty.  Anyway, I sprayed it down and waited.  The stove was very easy to clean off and it came totally clean.  I did not have to scrub and scrub and scrub to get it clean!  Love not scrubbing!  We also used this to spray the dining room table to help make it easier for my kids to help by washing off the table.  Again it worked like a dream.

The last product I was able to review was the Garden Neem.  I have not had a chance to try this out yet as we still have not been able to plant outside and my inside plants and herb starts have not had any problems yet.  I'm looking forward to having a natural way to kill those pesky bugs though!  This is a chemical free insecticide/fungicide.  

You can also enter to win in the giveaway sponsored by Dragonfly below!  Just use the rafflecopter form for entries.  Make sure to come back daily to enter to win.  I received these through The Pitch List from Garden Guys.  Giveaway sponsored by Garden Guys.  I am not responsible for shipping or fulfillment of the prize.  All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review post are my own and not influenced in anyway.  I was not compensated for this post in any way other than the products received as mentioned above.

Make sure to check out the other blogs on the linky below as each is giving away their own prize pack!  Enter all for more chances to win!

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  1. I would love to try the odor eliminator. I had some faux christmas trees that I kept outside during the holiday that got cat sprayed. Nothing I have used has gotten rid of the smell. I might have to toss them just because of that if I cannot find something to kill that smell!

  2. I love trying new, "clean and green" cleaners. I never knew there was such a thing as an egg cleaner, though!

  3. I would like to try the all purpose cleaner

  4. Garden Neem to kill bug naturally would be great

  5. i would like to to try the garden neem ive tried diffrent things and my poor garden hates it

  6. I would like to try the Odor Eliminator, we are smokers and I would like to see how well this works.

  7. The more I read the more I would like to try the Odor Eliminator

  8. I am interest in the all purpose cleaner. ty Vicki

  9. They all look great, but since we are just starting a farm, the Neem and the egg wipes would be incredible!

    Angela Rhodes
    nofearpapertiger AT Gmail

  10. I am seeing this stuff everywhere so it has to be good.

  11. Garden Neem. This would be perfect for our organic garden.

  12. I would like to try the odor eliminator